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3 Day $599 for a 3 Day, 2 Night Hog Hunt Package. (Reg. $1200 per hunter/trip!) Lodging, Meals, Drinks Included Buy One – Get One FREE for next trip! ($1200 Value)*/hunter/trip


Buy 1 hunt at the discounted price of $599 and get a 2nd hunt free; to be used at a later date as detailed below! Buy 2 hunts, get 2 free and so on! Explore night and day hunts in Texas. Before proceeding to checkout, you can also add a...

Hog Hunt - Choose # of Hunters

Buy 1 hunt at the discounted price of $599 and get a 2nd hunt free; to be used at a later date as detailed below! Buy 2 hunts, get 2 free and so on!

Explore night and day hunts in Texas. Before proceeding to checkout, you can also add a cabin (optional, as a bed in the bunkhouse is included) in the same transaction by adding additional items to your checkout.

(To add additional items to your cart, after you have added the first item to your cart, click on “Catalog” on the top left of the page, and select “cabin”. Add it to the cart, and then you can go to the final checkout.)

The hunt package that you pay $599 per hunter can be used within 3 years of purchase. Your free hunt can be used within 3 years, any available dates except no Friday Starts.

When using your free hunt, you are only obligated to pay the “not included” items as listed in the description

Wild Boar Hunt Package: Regular $1200 per hunter This is a 3 day, 2-night wild hog hunt package,

and includes:

  • Get Unlimited Hog Hunting in Texas and unlimited Sizes! You only pay butchering costs as listed below.
  • Any 2 predators or varmints per day (Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Possum, Armadillo, Raccoon, Rabbit, Ringtail Cat, or Mountain lion. We only see a few mountain lions per year, but we want them shot on sight!)
  • Day Hunting in Texas & Night hunting sessions
  • All Meals and Drinks
  • Great Lodging
  • And lifetime memories!

Get ready for unlimited hog hunting in Texas.

Not included:

  • Hunting license not required to hunt hogs.
  • Hog Cleaning: Cost is $50 to gut and skin hogs 50 lbs or less. The cost is $ thereafter. Bigger hogs are cut into 10 pieces, and ready for the cooker! It is required that only staff clean all hogs harvested.
  • Taxidermy prep to cape $20
  • Guide/Staff fee of $100/hunter. This is to be paid at the ranch.
  • Gratuity for your staff. (Recommended minimum of $50 per hunter)
  • All not included services are to be paid at the ranch
  • Non-Hunters can be added for $275 ea.
  • Bring 6 or more hunters and get a Monster Hog added to your package, you only pay hog cleaning!
  • Fill out your Release of Liability and bring it filled out to the ranch. This is required by all persons attending the ranch. You will not be allowed to enter the ranch property if you do not have this form in hand at the gate. Please don’t forget. Click Here:

Check-in time is 2 PM on the day of arrival, and Check-Out is 1 PM on the 3rd day. Check-in days are every day of the week. The 3-day hunt is 46 hours.

The first hunt on the first day is a night hunt. The second day includes 4 hunting sessions, and the last day includes an early morning hunt. The 3-day hunt will consist of 6 different hunting sessions.

Explore our all inclusive hunting packages! If after carefully reading this website and you still have a question, please call the Ranch Boss at 832-419-6151 (CALL or TEXT).

Visit us on Youtube:

This $599 Buy 1 Get 1 Free Hog Hunting Deal is, by far, the best deal we offer. Taking into account your free trip… that’s about $80.00 a day to hunt, and includes all meals and lodging! Unbelievable! Ask anyone on the ranch. This is by far, the best deal because we know you’ll definitely want to come back again! You have up to three years to use the free portion of your hunt. If you are looking for the best value, no other package beats this hunt. Get ready for memorable night and day hunts. 

Texas is overrun with wild hogs! Feral hogs are devastating our farms, forests & wildlife habitats, causing millions in damages every year! These pigs reproduce every 115 days with up to 12 in a litter. It’s enough to make anyone — even a vegan — want to grab a rifle and shoot one. And at just $499 for this Hog Hunt adventure, regularly priced at $999, that’s exactly what you’ll get to do.

This 3 day 2 night Wild Hog Hunt package includes meals, lodging, game retrieval, and advising you on the best places to spot and stalk. We hunt day and night, so bring your rifles, bring your pistols, and if all else fails, have your bowie knife ready! You may see many exotic animals, but don’t get too entertained, because when the hogs move in, it can be fast and furious! Remember you are the hunter, and you will prevail. You’ll bring these varmints to justice and be rewarded with the best meat you’ve ever tasted. Not to mention a heck of a trophy for your “game room”.

You will have the best time of your life by opting for our unlimited hog hunting in Texas.


Deal Highlights

  • The $599 portion of this hunt can be used any available time within the next 3 years.
  • The Free Hunting Trip is to be used on a separate trip within 3 years of purchase*
  • Hunt two predators or varmints per day (Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Opossum, Armadillo, Raccoon, Rabbit)
  • Day & Night hunting sessions
  • Great lodging, meals, and drinks are all included in this package
  • Hunt also includes unlimited Hogs and piglets
  • Year-round hog hunting since 2002

Deal Fine Print

The $599 portion of this hunt can be used any available time within 3 yrs

*Free Hunt to be used anytime within 3 years of purchase.

*Free Hunt is to be used on a separate trip only

Not Included:

  • You must bring your Release of Liability ~ get it here~
  • * Hog cleaning is $50 per hog up to 50 lbs; $1 lb./thereafter.
  • Each hunter can harvest unlimited hogs. Only staff cleans hogs. You can donate the meat but are still responsible for the cleaning fees.
  • * Package includes meals and lodging on the Ranch.
  • * $100 guide/staff fee to be paid in cash upon arrival; per hunter.
  • * Ranch is open all year, with limited dates from June 15-Sept 15.
  • * No hunting license required for hunting hogs
  • * Not valid with any other offers.
  • * Valid for 3 years after purchase.
  • * Gratuity not included.



1.) Click on “Buy Now” next to the package you choose.

2.) Purchase your night or day hunt on our secure site hosted by WordPress.

3.) Immediately upon purchase, you will get a confirmation with a link to our secure calendar which is hosted by “Simply Book Me.” Book your start date only.

4.) Be at the ranch gate between at 2 pm to start your 3-day hunt. (1-day hunts may start at a different time, so confirm by phone.)