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Best Places to Hunt Whitetail Deer in Texas

Best Places to Hunt Whitetail Deer in Texas

Texas is the best destination for whitetail deer hunting, and plenty of acres are open for the public so that they can enjoy their hunting experience. Numerous Wildlife management areas run by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are available all over the state.  


If you think where to hunt in Texas, then let me tell you that most hunting is done in landowner’s ranches in highly-fenced areas. If you want to hunt whitetail deer, then the perfect season starts from November and extends to January, depending on the region.


Go through the following places that are considered the best for hunting whitetail deer in Texas:


  • Texas Hill Country: This spot contains a plethora of whitetail deer because it has wide-open spaces in sparsely populated rural countries. For hunters, this area is considered the jackpot for deer hunting. In this area, hunters get hunting leases that help ranchers to stay afloat while keeping the deer population a bay. The most popular place here is private land hunting, where most of the ranches are low-fenced. This is one of the best places to hunt in Texas. You have to keep in mind that there is a bag limit of five deer in the Texas Hill Country per year. 


  • Southern Texas: This area is ranked third in deer population and consists of semi-arid land of cactus and thorn-brush. If you want to hunt big whitetail bucks, then Southern Texas is the perfect place for that. This area is the ideal habitat for deer. You have to pay a fee to hunt in this area, and hunting is done on high fence ranches. If your budget is tight, you can choose from various hunting packages which are completely affordable.


  • Cross Timbers: This area has a very high deer population and is known for half of the total whitetail population. This is the perfect habitat for deer, and it has 18 million acres of land, which has excellent rivers and greeneries for deer to live in. 


  • Piney Woods: This area is located in East Texas which covers 15 million acres of land. This area is also suitable for whitetail deer hunting. The deer you find here are smaller than those in Southern Texas, but that doesn’t mean that these are not quality deer. This area is thickly wooded, which gives deer hiding spots, and that’s why it is one of the perfect places for day hunts in Texas.


Final Words


You can choose a place for hunting whitetail deer according to your preferences and needs. All you have to do is select a package that includes three to four days of hunting.


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