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Independence Ranch Taxidermy Prices

Hog Shoulder Mount under 300 lbs. $750
Hog Skull Mount under 300 lbs. $250​
Hog Shoulder Mount over 300 lbs. $1000
Hog Skull Mount over 300 lbs $275​
Hog Teeth (4 Largest Only) $50​
Ram Shoulder Mount $575
Ram Skull Mount $250​
Blackbuck Shoulder Mount $575
Blackbuck Skull Mount $250
Elk Shoulder Mount $975
Elk Skull Mount $350
All Deer Shoulder Mount $575
Deer Skull Mount $300

Shipping cost is due at time of shipping.

UPS or FED EX will call for your credit card information. Be sure to insure your mount. Taxidermist is not responsible for damages incurred during shipping.

Your full payment is due when the mount is sent to Taxidermist. Most mounts are completed and shipped within 30-60 days.