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Ranch Frequently Asked Questions

last updated 12/2/2022

1. Why does the Ranch provide a FAQ?

It is our desire that each hunter experience the best time possible. In order for us to help our hunters have a good time, we have provided this information. It is required that each member of your hunting party carefully read the FAQ, so as to be best prepared.

2. Would you like to own your own Ranch? 

Our professional staff can locate, purchase, and help you set-up the ranch of your dreams. Please call to inquire. 

3. What is the preferred weapon for hunting?

Since most of the hog hunting is done in thick brush, a open-sight shot gun with a slug or open-sight rifle is the preferred weapon, from April thru November. No buck shot is allowed on the ranch.  Scoped rifles or shotguns are recommended the rest of the year. Rifle size required minimum of .223 with a 62 grain bullet, .243 or .270, .30-.30, .308, .45-.70 or bigger.  Bigger rifles will work but not necessary.  For all guns, we have a 3 round rule; 1 in the chamber and no more than 2 in the magazine regardless of magazine size. Pistols for hunting are not allowed, but bows, and crossbows are also effective.

4. What Hunting Dates are available?

See Calendar of Available Dates on the website

5.-7 Coming Soon

8. Is this a guided hunt?

The hog hunts are semi-guided, except package 4.  Your guides will direct you to the blinds, pick up your game, and advise you on the best hiding places to typically find hogs on your spot and stalk.  Some hunters prefer to drive their own vehicle to the blind, and this is allowed.   All exotic hunts are fully guided, unless other arrangements are made.

9. What type of clothes should be worn?

In Texas, you always have to be prepared for wet weather. You will want to bring waterproof boots in the event of bad weather. In fall, winter, and spring, be prepared for cool to cold weather. In the summer months, you will need to dress light. Bring your sunscreen.

10. What do I need to bring with me?

If you are driving to the ranch, please bring your bedding, towels, and toiletries. If you are flying, the bedding and towels will be provided upon request at check in. Bring appropriate clothing and your weapons. Cell phones are highly recommended and work well on the ranch, except T Mobile. Battery operated flashlights are required if you plan on hunting at night. If you have night vision, bring it. Avg shot distance at night is 35 yards. Bring your predator calls and night vision (optional). It is recommended that you bring bottled water to carry with you in the field. Hunter Orange vests & hats are required to be worn by all hunters while on the ranch. Purchase 100 lbs of sweet feed, grain, or cracked corn (not whole corn) per hunter, prior to your arrival. Or, you can purchase your grain at the ranch during check-in.  Click here to see video.  The feed is used to bait the hogs while you are hunting from a blind. 

11. Is a freezer and ice available at the ranch?

Ice is available at the ranch. We also have a freezer available to keep your animals cold prior to your departure. DO NOT BRING A FREEZER. For a 2-3 day hunt, you will need at least a 100 quart cooler per hunter.

12. Is there much walking?

Sometimes there can be. If we are tracking the hogs in the creek bottoms, it is all walking. It is common to walk 5-10 miles per day.  You will also walk into your hunting areas. 4-wheelers can scare the game away.  For those that prefer to limit walking, your guide will accommodate you.   There are stands and blinds on the ranch for those that prefer not to spot and stalk. To increase your hunting odds, you may consider arrange a hunting session in the "Honey Hole!" No need to reserve, as you can add the honey hole when you arrive.

13. What type of hunting license do I need?

No hunting license required for Hog Hunting.


14.  Is Hunter Safety Required?

Very Important!

15. Coming Soon.

16. Is there a taxidermist for the mount?

Yes. The trophy will be shipped to your home.

17. Can someone clean and quarter my animal?

It is mandatory that the ranch skinners handle the cleaning of any animals harvested on any of our ranches.

  • Hog Cleaning: for purchases made as of 12-2-22:  Cost is $1.50/lb live weight. Hogs under 50 lbs are a flat rate of $75 ea.  If you don't want to take your meat, you are still responsible for the $1.50/lb, and we will then donate the meat. 

Any hog shot and not recovered will incur a minimum of a $75 recovery/disposal fee, and will count against your harvest, or will be charged as an additional kill at an additional cost.

Exotic animals Cleaning (gut, skin, and quarter) $50.00 to $150.00, depending on size of animal.
Animal Caping for Mounting $25-75. The higher end is for large exotics. Hogs are on the lower end.

18. Can I take my animal back home if I am flying?

Yes. Your meat can be packed in a cooler and taken home on your flight.

19. Coming Soon!

20. What do I need to know when flying with my weapons?

All airlines allow guns to be flown with the luggage. Pack your guns and ammo separately.
Your guns will be inspected. Pack your guns well. Call your airlines for complete requirements.

21. Where is the ranch located?

Most hunts are taken from the main lodge of 265 acres, near Gonzales Texas. When available and when booked in advance, additional ranches located in Gonzales County, Texas and/or Caldwell County, Texas can be hunted for a trespass fee of $49/hunter/ranch.  Additional kill fees of $100.00/hog apply, with no additional trophy fees for larger hogs.

22. What airport should I fly into?

You can fly into Austin at 65 mile away, or San Antonio at 90 miles away, 2nd choice.

23. What other costs should I expect once I'm on the ranch?

Please allow for animal cleaning, guide/staff fee of $100/hunter, and gratuities.  Any balances due, are to be paid by the end of your hunt.

24. Do I need to rent a car?

Yes. Because of the distance, we are not able to pick you up.

25. Can I add days to my hunt?

Yes, you can also book a 5 day hunt. The cost is double that of a 3 day hunt.

26. What other animals can I hunt, and what is the cost?

We have several varieties of rams, axis deer, fallow deer, red deer, sika deer, scimitar-horned oryx, blackbuck antelope, bison buffalo, water buffalo, hogs, dove, turkey, and whitetail deer. Most exotics can be hunted year-round.  Native animals can only be hunted when in season.  Exotic hunts range in price from $1000 to $10,000+, depending a trophy quality and species. See ranch for details.

27. What are the check-in and check-out dates and times?

Our check-In time is 2 pm on day of arrival for a 2-5 day hunt. 3 hr or 1 day hunts check in at 8 am. Please don't arrive early, as the gates are locked until then. It is important that you are on-time, as the group orientation cannot start until all hunters are present. Check-out is no later than 1 PM on the third day on multiple day hunts. (46 hours after check-in for a 3 day hunt.)

28. What if I want to bring an extra hunter?

Extra hunters can be brought when booked in advance. Please call the ranch for details..

29. What if I want to bring a non-hunting guest?

Non-hunting guests can be brought for a cost of $275, which will cover their meals and lodging for a 3 day hunt. Non-hunting guests must be booked in advance.

30. About Gratuity

If the staff provides you service that exceeds your expectations, please feel free to show your added appreciation at or near the end of your stay with us.  Your staff is on duty 12 hours per day and they strive at all times to insure you have the best trip possible while providing attentive service. Accordingly, your gratuity will be appreciated.

The customary and recommended gratuity for a 3 day hog hunt is a minimum of $50 per hunter. This will be divided among all staff members.  For exotic hunts, the customary gratuity is 15-20% of the hunt cost.

31. How are the hunts conducted?

Typically, the hunts are spot and stalk during the daylight hours, and blind hunting during the dark hours. Upon request and for special needs, the daytime hunts can also be done from blinds.

32. Is this hunt recommended for younger hunters?

With parental guidance, this is a great hunt for younger hunters.

33. coming soon

34. If I have physical restrictions, can I take this hunt?

Depending on the severity of the physical restriction, most of our hunts are still possible.

35. If I wish to extend my stay beyond the hunt,
what is there to see and do?

San Antonio and Gonzales are very historic, and if you are interested, you can be given many recommendations of things to see and do on your extended stay.

36. How long do I have to book the hunt once it is purchased?

Unless otherwise specified, you have up to two years to redeem your hunt, based on availability.

37. What are the lodging facilities?

All hunters will be provided a bunk in the bunkhouse at the lodge on the ranch. If you prefer more privacy, you may upgrade to a private room or a cabin at check in.

38. Do I need to bring a cooler?

You will need a minimum of a 100 quart cooler per hunter. Do not bring picnic coolers, they are too small. Also do not bring household plug-in freezers. THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED, as they present several problems. Do not bring any cooler over 150 quarts as they cannot be picked up to load in your vehicle. No coolers bigger than 150 quarts are allowed. If you have access to a Sams Club or Costco, they sell a 150 qt cooler for $79.95 in most places. If you are flying home, we have airline approved air boxes that can be purchased at the ranch for $35 and hold just under 50 lbs of meat.

39. Are meals provided?

Meals are provided by the ranch staff at no extra cost. The exact menu can vary, but usually includes five (5) meals during your 3 day hunt. The meals consists of two (2) dinners of different meats, sides, and non-alcoholic drinks.  Lunches vary from cold cut sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, burgers, etc,  chips and a drink. We offer typically two (2) breakfasts, consisting of traditional eggs, gravy, biscuits, and meat, etc. Sometimes, a different hot breakfast is served, such as Mexican tacos or breakfast burritos. See the lodge:

40. Coming Soon.

41. Is there a place to sight in my gun once I arrive?


42. Can we hunt at night?

The night hunt is non-guided and optional at no extra cost.You will need to bring a battery-operated flashlight with an amber or red lense.  Cell phones are highly recommended for communication with camp for animal pick-up.

43. Coming soon

44. Is an insect repellent needed?

You will need mosquito spray except in December-February.

45. Coming Soon

46. Ranch policy changes

The ranch reserves the right to make periodic changes to the FAQ as needed. It is recommended that you review the FAQ one last time before attending your hunt.

47. What if I need to cancel or reschedule my hunt?

You can cancel your hunt, but will forfeit your payment if it is not rescheduled. There are no refunds for hunts not taken. You can reschedule your hunt with no penalty, as long as it is reset within 2 weeks of the original date. 30 days notice must be given to reset a hunt to avoid forfeit. Only upon approval of the ranch, will an exception to this guideline be allowed for late cancellations. Upon approval, you will be allowed to reset your hunt, with a $50 per person rebooking fee. Trip Insurance can be purchased byclicking here.

48. What will the weather be like during my hunt?