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Best Hunting Trips is Wild Hog Hunting Trips

Wild Hog Hunting Trips

Hog Hunting Trips are the Best Value

With White Tail Deer, Elk & other Exotics hunts going up every year, it may take thousands of dollars to complete a hunting trip. These costs are making it extremely difficult for the common working man to enjoy the sport of hunting. Cue the music! Stage right, is the mean and nasty prolific Russian Boar, an invasive species spreading across this country like wildfire and spreading death and destruction along the way. Not only are these animals a nuisance and a pest, they are causing untold millions of dollars to pristine nature preserves, destroying crops, ranches and pushing traditionally hunted animal, like white tail deer, out of the way. For a few hundred dollars a family or group of friends can enjoy a 3 day 2 night, meals and drinks included, Texas Style Hog Hunting Trip of a lifetime.

Wild Fast and Furious Action

Hunting wild hogs is like no other sport. The adrenaline rush as the boars jump out of hiding while you are stalking them. The fortitude to keep your wits about you and aim straight. The extremely close quarters hunting conditions, when wild pigs decide to charge. Hunting wild hogs, can change on a dime and what was once a quiet, serene Texas afternoon, can become a non-stop frenzy of wild hog shooting! Most hunting trips require patience, meticulous planning, studying your prey and understanding hunting conditions. All this is required as well in hog hunting, but the turnaround time to action can be much shorter. Although, it’s not all about non-stop action here at the Ranch. After a seriously fun time shooting down wild pigs you can drive into camp and hang out at the skinin rack. This is where the unbridled action & excitement get thrown into 2nd gear and we take time for laughs, stories, jokes and a cold one by the campfire.

And Lets Not Forget HOG FEVER!

Hog fever is when you get so excited with anticipation, that after you shoot down your wild boar, you get a rush of energy and excitement that’s hard to keep to yourself. Don’t confuse this with Buck Fever, which we believe might be a unscrupulous marketing ploy by the hunting industry to entice thousands of poor unsuspecting hunters into shooting more deer. I digress, Hog Fever is something real! It’s’ something you feel deep down in your bones that connects you with the circle of life and exults your spirit in job well done. A clean shot on one of God’s creatures while you finish it off with bullet to the head or knife to the heart can truly be a mystical experience. And don’t confuse Hog Fever with Hog Hunting Fever. Hog Hunting Fever is when you can’t stop shooting wild pigs. Maybe you told yourself that your limit would be only 2 of these darn rascals. Maybe you told yourself, I’m going to have a good time but be measured in my approach. But the sad reality is, when you get Hog Hunting Fever, limits be damned! You came here to kill some porkers! Bam! Boom! We truly feel sorry for the poor souls that fall under the spell, of Hog Hunting Fever. They get this crazed look in there eyes and start obliterating every wild boar, sow or piglet they see. Which is fine with us. The less porkers around here the better. We actually encourage Hog Hunting Fever! Ranch Boss always says, “Let your budget be your guide.” But there is also, a lesser known saying. “Don’t worry about getting Hog Hunting Fever, because at the Ranch, we always accept cash, 2nd credit cards, 3rd your truck and 4th your first born!”