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Top 3 Wild Boar Hunting Videos

Wild Boar Bow Hunting in Texas

Perry Twins Outdoor delivers an amazing wild boar bowhunting video. You can definitely feel the excitement of these fellas after a morning of stalking wild boar. The exhilaration of success just can’t be beat. We follow along with these hunters and really feel the anticipation and raw emotion of wild boar hunting in Texas. “Straight Smoked Him!” says one hunter, after a perfect kill shot. An arrow straight to the heart, this hog, bled out real quick. One of the younger hunters is overcome with emotion, as they all take into account the size, cutters and other attributes of the downed wild boar. Bowhunting wild boar takes skill, precision and nerves of steel. Make no mistake, these wild Texas boar are dangerous. There’s not a whole lot you can do, once your arrow is gone and a really mad wounded boar is charging you. These are some brave hunters. Later, on a lighter note, a little Jr. Bowhunter practices his skill on the a dead hog. What a hoot! Shot after shot, these hunters show their high skill level in bow hunting. There is nothing like wild Boar hunting in Texas! Great Job!

Wild Boar Hunting Over Bait

Two old timers show how to “get er done” hunting wild boar with a Savage Rifle. I love the whispered commentary in this video and the interplay between obviously long time friends. I think it captures wonderfully the relationships and experience that can be forged through the simple act of hunting. These hunter have laid the foundation of this hunt by studying the terrain, the prey and it’s proclivities. Savoring the shot with anticipation and insightful commentary. This is hunting done right! “Now he’s gonna settle in” says one of the hunters as he sets up and shoots. Boom! Perfect killshot! The Full moon, the right bait and the right attitude. “Shot right in the earhole”. He demonstrates perfect placement of the bullet. He says, “Gonna put a knife in him” therefore ethically putting down the boar quickly. This is good, clean, impeccable boar hunting. Respecting the quarry and preparing it for sustenance. “Just young enough, to be some good eating” They then take us through the process of grounding up the pork and seasoning it for taste. The video ends with some sizzling pork sausage in the pan. What a way to end a wild boar hunting video. Fantastic!

Wild Boar Hunting in Europe with Expert Marksman

And now we are off to Europe, for some “driven” wild boar hunting. This video from Hunting Unlimited with Franz-Albrecht, expert marksman, is amazing…almost unbelieivable. “This is game shooting of the highest order, truly a world class performance.” The shot placement, quick, accurate reflexes and video editing are truly not your typical Youtube hog hunting fare. Shot after shot, wild boar goes down. The slow motion replays are almost trancendent in thoer abilty to take you deep and up close to the action kill shots. Shooting Boar, on the run, is almost impossible for most hunters. Shooting them with accurately placed kill shots is astonishing. The video ends with an amazing encounter with a bear. I don’t want to spoil it…just watch until the very end. It gets very dangerous!