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Hunting enthusiasts often choose Texas as their go-to hunting trip. While you are completely equipped with the best gear, rifle and other necessary stuff, don’t forget to carry your hunting license in Texas at any cost. It’s okay if you are not a seasoned hunter; we have got you covered! Delve deeper, and you will get to explore the nitty gritty at a quick glance.

Age Requirements for Hunter Education Certification

The minimum Texas hunting license age requirement mandatory for a Hunter Education in Texas is 9 years.

Every hunter born on or after September 2, 1971, must successfully complete a Hunter Education Training Course or be accompanied while hunting.

For those born on or after September 2, 1971, and you are:

  • Under the age of 9, you must be accompanied while hunting. Accompanied means: While hunting, a person who is over the age of 17, who owns a license to hunt in the estate of Texas, who passed the hunter education or is exempt (born before September 2, 1971)must be there, and you must be within normal voice control. Proof of certification or deferral is required to be on your person while hunting. Note: Certification is not required to purchase a hunting license.
  • Ages 9 through 16 must successfully complete a hunter education course, or you must be accompanied while hunting.
  • Age 17 and over must successfully complete a hunter education course or purchase a “Hunter Education Deferral”, and you must be accompanied while hunting.

Please note that some federally controlled areas require all hunters using that site to have hunter education certification.

Keep in mind that some areas are federally controlled and require all hunters to have a Hunter Education Certification. In Texas, this includes the Corps of Engineers' property and most military reservations. Always check the area specifications prior to going hunting.

Who Can be Exempted from Requirements Used to Complete the Hunting Education Course?

  • Honorably discharged veterans and active duty members of the United States armed forces.
  • Active duty members, along with past members of the Texas Air National Guard, Texas Army National Guard or the Texas State Guard.
  • Individuals who have previously served or are serving as a peace officer as per Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 2.12, Subdivision (1), (2), (3), or (4).

Hunting Education Deferral

The hunting education deferral allows hunters over the age of 17 and with who also completed a hunter education program to defer completion for up to 1 year. A deferral can only be obtained once and is only valid until the end of the current license year.

If the person has been convicted or has received deferred adjudication for violation of the mandatory hunter education requirement is prohibited from applying for a deferral.

If the course is taken before August 31 of the current license year, you will receive a $5.00 discount. The one-time Hunter Education Deferral is available at licensed vendors.

What Are the Different Types of Texas Hunting Licenses?

Check out the different types of Texas hunting licenses stated below:

● Texas Resident

If a person lives in Texas for at least six months, that person will be considered a resident. Apart from that, if a non-resident is one of the members of the active-duty military or is under the age of 17, they can be considered a Texas resident. Every resident of Texas must have a resident hunting license. However, no hunting permits in Texas are required for feral hogs, fur-bearing animals and coyotes.

● Non-resident

Hunters who are not from Texas must possess a non-resident hunting license. They might need endorsements and additional licenses.

● Senior Hunting License

If Texas residents are aged 65 or more, they are allowed to have a Senior ‘Super Combo’ and reduced-fee Senior Resident Hunting License package. There is room for additional endorsements.

● Youth Hunting License

Non-residents and Texas residents who are below 17 are supposed to possess the Youth Hunting License. Though they don’t require any state hunting endorsement, they will have to opt for Amphibian and Reptile Endorsement requirements.

● Military and Veteran License

Active-duty military members can possess a resident hunting license even if they are stationed outside Texas. On the other hand, active-duty military members stationed in Texas are eligible for the free Texas Resident Active Duty Military Hunting Package and free Texas Resident Active Duty Military “Super Combo” while on leave.

● Disability License

Only disabled veterans are eligible for a Texas hunting permit. Other people with disabilities are not a right fit for hunting licenses in Texas.

Hunting Outside Texas

Below, you will find a list of useful links that will help you learn and know what requirements and laws are applied in other states.

International Hunter Education Association