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Private Cabins & Hog Hunt Camp

Private Cabins

When checking into your Hog Hunt you have the option to upgrade to a private cabin. All rooms come with single bunk beds, heating and air conditioning. Most have porches and railings, we made ourselves, from locally sourced wood. We have a full service bath house with warm water for private showers and bathroom stalls. There is a wood burning stove available for those colder winter nights. Our main lodge comes with ample dining chairs and tables, lazy boy chairs, cable tv, pool, foosball, and an air hockey table. Coffee is made available in the morning with a variety of creamers and sweeteners. Drinks provided range from ice & water, Lemonade, Ice tea, Sweet tea, and gatorade. We have a full service kitchen, bbq and full-time chef to attend to your needs. For the lady hunters, we have private bathrooms and shower facilities. Throughout your stay at Independence Ranch expect to see a myriad of different wildlife including Red Stag Elk, Blackbuck, Axis Deer and even a big ole’ Water Buffalo. Don’t try to pet that animal. He’s getting grumpy in his old age. We also have various hog hunt dogs roaming around looking for love and attention and a kitty cat aptly named “kitty”.

Main Lodge & Gift Shop

This is the outdoor sitting area in front of the gift shop. These 2 horses think its a stable and they’ll likely come up to you expecting some love or maybe a special treat from the kitchen. I don’t think they’ve ever been ridden. We have a couple smokers and BBQ grills that we fire up from time to time. The property is filled with an unending supply of seasoned mesquite, so load up and start a fire! Some hunters bring sausages, steaks and all kinds of food to grill up late at night when they get the munchies. All throughout the property expect to see a rustic, lived in flavor, that honestly represents the best side of Texas. Down home country style living on the best Hog Hunting Ranch west of the Mississippi!

Campfires & Good times

This is your time to relax after a long day and evening of hog hunting! Feel the brotherhood and camaraderie of a day well spent, shootin wild pig, stalking wild boar and waiting patiently for the perfect kill shot in the dead of night. Now’s the time to sit back, relax, crack open a cold one and feel the warmth of a big Texas fire under the beautiful starry night.

Many a hunter retires early, to chase more boars in the early morning, but some take time to savor the fire in splendid company. What’s keepin you there at home? Just go ahead and come on down! We can’t wait to see you here! In fact, why don’t you BOOK A HOG HUNT right now. Ranch boss just might be running a special that you don’t want to miss out on!