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How to Hunt Hogs in Texas?

How to Hunt Hogs in Texas?

Hog hunting is quickly emerging as a popular choice of game for hunters across the world. With over 3 million feral boar population, Texas tops the list where hunters flock for cheap wild hog hunts. With few hunting laws, virtually unlimited hogs, and a year-round hunting season, presents every hunting bug plenty of reasons to try hog hunts in Texas. Follow these steps to win your first hog hunt.

Learn about the wild boar hunting regulations.

Being a nonnative species infamous for causing damage to produce, animals, and private property, Boar has little to no hunting regulations in most states. Although there are few restrictions around hog hunting, kindly check your state laws. For example, Texas allows year-round hog hunts at any time of the day under the usual circumstances. In contrast, in Oklahoma, hog hunting can only occur during the daytime and at a specific time during the year.

Find a place to go cheap wild boar hunts.

There are plenty of Southern States with a feral hog problem mainly Florida, Louisiana, Texas that allow unregulated hog hunting on public land. Hunting on private land requires the owner's permission; luckily, hog hunting ranches offer wild boar hunting with necessary precautions and other services.

Choose the appropriate Firearm for hog hunts in Texas.

Hogs have thick skin that protects all their innards; pick a firearm having bullets that can effectively pierce through the vital organs as hogs are agile runners and jumpers that can charge towards you pretty fast.

  • Choose a gun with a larger caliber for a better shot, a .270 Winchester being the minimum caliber; .308 or .300 Winchester Magnum offering a better option.
  • The Browning Automatic Rifle comes with a Hog Stalker mode for the specific task; other firearms with hog hunting modes are Savage Hog Hunters and the Weatherby Hog Reaper.
  • Use a silencer to dampen the muzzle flash when night hunting.

Locate the hog while wild boar hunting.

Just like any other chase, it begins with tracking animal signs. Fortunately, hogs leave many traces behind, which hunters can follow.

  • Scout, the ground for snout prints and hoof tracks; an uneven and dug-up soil indicates a passel nearby.
  • Hogs like to cool their body temperatures by digging holes near water bodies. Look for bogs and examine the droppings using a rubber glove for the hog vicinity.
  • The boars rub themselves against tree trunks to remove itching; a missing bark or stuck hair indicates wild pigs nearby.

Attract the hog using sounds

One of the cheap wild hog hunt tricks is using sounds to uncover hiding hogs. Feral hogs, being notoriously aggressive, respond well to predator noises. You can either use mouth-blown sounds or electronic calls, which come with piglets’ distress sounds to attract sows.

Shoot the Boar.

After stalking and following, now comes the most vital step, taking your shot. To avoid the risk of fleeing or attacking, make sure to shoot for the critical organs. Shoot anywhere between the shoulder, jaw, or ear to stop a running hog. To avoid damaging any choice cuts shoot right behind the shoulder; avoid hitting the shoulder as it has extra tough scar tissue due to fighting.

Where to go for cheap wild hog hunts?

A hunter with prior experience can hunt anywhere with the appropriate permissions. Any novice hunter looking to step into the game can enjoy hog hunts in Texas. For a first-timer, private ranches provide all the lodging, skinning services along with hunting assistance and are experts in organizing cheap wild hog hunts.

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