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The Guide to Hog Hunting in Texas

The Guide to Hog Hunting in Texas

Only a few states can match the thrill of hog/boar hunting in Texas. Feral pigs are well-known in the south, but few people realize that Texas is home to nearly half of the estimated 6 million hogs/boar in the country. This overabundance of wild hogs/boar has cost the Lone Star State an estimated $400 million per year in damages. These figures demonstrate how harmful hogs/boars are to the state; but, where there are challenges, there are always opportunities.

1). Best Areas for Hog/Boar Hunting in Texas

Wild hogs/boars are abundant throughout Texas, with wild hogs documented in 253 of the state's 254 counties. However, certain areas of Texas have higher hog population densities than others.

Hogs/Boar favor wetland environments, therefore it's no surprise that the driest sections of Texas have the fewest hogs, while the places with the most rainfall have the highest hog populations. Near rivers and streams, hogs/boar are more plentiful than on dry land. When you combine these rivers and streams with a nearby farm full of crops, it's easy to see why hog and boar hunting has become so popular in Texas. Texas offers the ideal habitat for wild hogs, which is one of the numerous reasons for the state's high hog population.

2). Best Time to Hunt Hogs in Texas

Between November and March is the best guided time to go hog hunting. These are the coldest months of the year, thus hogs are significantly more active than they are in the summer. While this time frame is good for hog/boar hunting in Texas, it is crucial to be aware of climatic change as the seasons change if you are contemplating other states.

Texas has taken the fight against hogs a step further by implementing more than just an unlimited bag limit and open season. Hunting hogs in Texas no longer requires a hunting license. The governor signed Senate Bill 317 into law, allowing any landowner, agent, or lessee to kill wild hogs without a hunting license.

3). Once the Texas Sun Falls, Stay at the Feeder

In Texas, a bad pig hunting trip might transform into a fantastic hog/boar hunting excursion. Stay in the blind after the sun goes down, and hogs will most likely come coming up to your feeder. Bring some good hog/boar hunting lights, and you'll have a great time hunting at night. There are various wild hog bait attractants that are simple to manufacture for the best outcomes.

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