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West Texas Deer Hunts For Beginners: Tips And Tricks

West Texas Deer Hunts For Beginners: Tips And Tricks

The continuously growing population of feral hogs has led to lax hog hunting regulations in some states. And specifically, those states which are affected by them like Texas.

West texas deer hunts is allowed, and hog hunts are on-demand among tourists and localities.


Undoubtedly, family friendly hunting in Texas are becoming increasingly popular in Texas. Expert says the feral hog population is increasing at an alarming rate. As you know, only the Texas region currently has a population of approx 2.6 million.

The group of hogs varies from one state to another. And several southern Gulf States provide hog hunting on private-land year-round, so do Texas. But Texas hog hunting rules are quite distinct.


Texas wild boar hunting is a dangerous sport. So keep your mind calm and try to be careful while tracking the animals. So here are the tips for doing hog hunting carefully.

Be Extra Careful While Tracking Hogs

This is the primary rule of hog hunting. You need to have self-control when identifying and tracking hogs. Excavated soil in a field is the most common sign of a hog’s appearance. Normally, hogs use their noses to find meals. Try to get tracks that follow deer tracks but are rounder and broad. All the feral hogs find the land near the pools.

Predator Calls Method

Predator calls are the most efficient method to get Feral hogs out. Don’t ignore to maintain a range from hogs while doing this method. Also, you can use piglets in distress recorded sound to call the hogs.

You can call the hogs by using predator noises in short bursts. And feral hogs usually react fast to all sounds.

Choose a location

Pick a place where hog hunting is allowed and recommended.

It is proven that Texas has the most population of feral hogs. There are approximately 2.6 million hogs, so that you can choose hog hunting in Texas.

Prefer night hunting

Hogs are becoming adapted to the behavior of hunters. So it will be hard to hunt in the daytime; you can favor nighttime for hog hunting. Many states allow hog hunting on private and public land, out and with unnatural light.


Texas hog hunting laws are not at all strict; here, you need a general hunting license. To discover real experience, you can choose Texas wild boar hunting packages.

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