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5 Ways to Get Success in South Texas Hunting in Mid-Summer

5 Ways to Get Success in South Texas Hunting in Mid-Summer

When it's mid-summer, hunters often find it difficult to enjoy their South Texas hunting expeditions and achieve a successful hunt, especially when many consider hunting in the scorching heat to be a fool's errand. On the contrary, summer is the best time since the wild animals are easier to locate on extremely sunny days. Depending on where, when, and under what local conditions you go for summer hunting, the top 5 ways below can help you target wild summer animals successfully.

Determine the Best Way to Hunt

For those who believe that hunting slowly with the wind in your favor is productive hunting practice, look at some innovative methods to succeed in your South Texas hunting without breaking too much sweat.

  1. Carefully Scout & Pattern their Movements 

The warm days generally force the animals to find shelter in their hidden cooler sheds. Although they eat less in the summers, they are still active and escape their thick covers, searching for reliable food sources. And that can be the best time for you to carefully scout and pattern the movement of the wild animals so you can hunt them successfully. Remember that you need to be careful that you don't bump and push hogs out of your hunting sight when scouting. 

  1. Plan Careful Interceptions at Their Usual Travel Routes

Since hogs and other wild animals tend to stick to a home range and wander around the same travel routes searching for food and water, you can easily intercept them. After you have patterned their movements, set up on a stand site to intercept the wild animals with the wind in your favor. Also, don't forget to conceal yourself and ensure you have a clear field of fire in the direction you expect hogs to come running for food. 

  1. Lookout for the Nearby Wallows and Water Resources

With the rising temperature, hogs and other exotic animals become active and look for reliable access to water. Hence stalking nearby wallows and water resources is a productive way to enjoy your successful South Texas hunting expedition. The wild animals will surely make several trips for water during a hot day, and that's when you need to stay closer to the water resources and patiently wait for them to arrive.

  1. Consider Driving Around 

A strategic tactic to ensure that the wild animals escape from their refuge of thick cover is to drive around those South Texas hunting ranches so they catch the human scent and step out from their hiding grounds. This idea aims to nudge them into moving out so your hunters at stationary positions can hunt them successfully before they panic and take flight.

  1. Find a Safe Spotting Ground & Stalk from There

Moving quietly and slowly in search of wild animals is considered unproductive because the animals may run away at first sight of humans. After finding a spot with some elevation, you can stalk and catch them moving from their feeding to bedding areas. Hence, you can hunt them by being at a safe distance. As some regions have limited visibility and thick covers, spotting and stalking remain one of the best ways for ensuring a successful hunting expedition. 

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