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Best Hog Hunting Knives- Picks For Hunting Wild Hogs

Best Hog Hunting Knives- Picks For Hunting Wild Hogs

Hogdogging or hog hunting knife is a serious hobby sport that can be quite satisfying if done right but can be proved dangerous if done wrong.

Careful consideration is very essential for the knife as using proper gear can make the hunt with your dogs quicker and cleaner.

3 picks for reliable hog hunting knife are-

  1. Ka-Bar Standard USMC Classic:

Ka-Bar Standard USMC Classic is more iconic. It is a valuable choice for the experienced hunters.

Ka-Bar uses high quality, tough 1095 high carbon steel. 1095 steel stays sharp for a long period of time and is so easy to sharpen for the daily maintenance.

Blade length of this knife comes at impressive 7-inches with an overall length of roughly 12 inches. It has a clip point and curved razor-edge that is able to pierce and cut a hog with ease.

  1. Buck 656 Pursuit Large:

Buck knives has 656 Pursuit large hunting knife that uses 420 HC stainless steel. Through its thick side, it is assured to pierce nearly any type of hog. The knife has 4 ½ inch blade length that uses a drop point tip.

The drop point blade has a thicker edge and smaller tip point. It helps in precise piercing and lends to toughness of blade when piercing a hog.

685 BuckLite Max II:

It uses heat-treated 420 HC stainless steel, and has a classic 4-inch clip point blade. It has full-tang construction, which is considered tricky sport like boar hunting.

When you actually need to use your knife as a last line of self-defense, folding knives do not work. This knife has full-tang construction. It also has Dynaflex rubber at its handle which keeps the lightweight and provide good grip to it.

Hog hunting at night- An exciting experience

Hunting can give an opportunity to get a glimpse of thrilling life. Among all sorts of hunting, hunting at night is most exciting one.

Hogs actually eat at night and also during the twilight hour. During cool and wet weather, hogs eat during the daytime also.

Feral hog become nocturnal during summertime and that is the best time for nighttime hunting.

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At Independence Ranch, you can have best Hog hunting trips. They offer high-energy, educational and thrilling hog hunts for the entire family.

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