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Avail The Best Cheap Wild Hog Hunts In Texas

Avail The Best Cheap Wild Hog Hunts In Texas

Wild hogs are not native to United States. Christopher Columbus introduced them to Caribbean. In 1930, Eurasian wild boars were brought to Texas for South Texas hog hunting.

Things one should know before South Texas hog hunting-

 You might be unaware but the difference between domestic and wild hogs is matter of genetics, environment and experience. The animals are plastic in their physical and behavioral makeup.

Most domestic and wild pigs have sparse coats but in cold environment, they grow thick bristly hair whereas wild hogs develop curved tusks that are teeth.

The two teeth on top are known as grinders and the bottom one are known as cutters. Males develop shields of dense tissue on their shoulders that reach sexual maturity and these teeth grow harder and thicker.

Wild pigs are rarely as big as pen-bound domestics. The weight of adult hogs is about 150-200 pounds. Only some of them reach more than 400 pounds.

Pigs that eat well develop large and wide skulls. Wild pigs grow smaller; have narrower skulls with longer snouts due to limited diet. Wild pigs have good hearing but poor eyesight. They also possess acute sense of smell. They can detect odors up to seven miles away. They can also run 30 miles an hour in bursts.

Most of the hunters prefer working with dogs. Bay dogs sniff out and pursue the animals. A hog will attempt to flee but if wounded or cornered will likely try to attack and batter the bay dogs with its snout.

If dog gets right up in the face of hog while sharp barking, it can hold the hog “at bay”.

Cheap wild hog hunts in Texas-

Texas allows hunters to kill wild hogs year-round without limits. Hunters can also capture them alive to take to slaughterhouses to be processed and sold to restaurants as exotic meat.

Cheap wild hunts of hog are available in both north and south regions. You can avail cheap packages at many places. Just search online for best options and avail the one.

Want to book best Hog hunts in Texas for cheap? Connect Independence Ranch

Independence Ranch offers comfortable and luxurious hunting lodge at South Texas hunting ranch.

They also offer wild game processing and butchering at South Texas hog hunting ranches. They also provide required gears and weapons before you step ahead for hunting.

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