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Debunking Common Myths About Hog Hunting

Debunking Common Myths About Hog Hunting

In the era of information, many rumors and myths travel faster than they used to. The same goes for myths and misinformation regarding hog hunting in Texas. Further, this puts negative perceptions about hog hunters. Some perceptions are hating animals, no need for more hunting, cruelty, unfair advantage, and many more. However, hog hunting has recently gained popularity, but there's no change in its fundamentals ranging from tracking them down to killing them. But still, many newbies and even experienced hunters have misconceptions about how to hunt them. Let's learn about those misconceptions and must debunk them for maximum participation in this sport. 

Common Myths About Hog Hunting 

Hunting is considered an adventurous sport in Texas, where the government has allowed pig hunting. . Further, you do not need any license to hunt on private ranches in Texas. So to dispel the more common myths surrounding hog hunting trips, here are three common misconceptions and their truths.

1. No Blood Trail Means No Killing

When shot with a rifle, a hog does not immediately leave a blood trail. Unlike deer, you will not immediately find a blood trail. The underlying reason behind the misconception is that blood must be pumped a little to get through the pig's thick layer of fat. Moreover, it's the body hair that absorbs most of the blood. This questions the hunter whether they have even hunted the hog or not. However, in reality, a hog can run upto 50 yards before a blood trail appears.

2. One Needs Heavy Caliber To Kill Hog

The sole reason behind this recurring misperception is that a mature hog can weigh more than 400 pounds and have a shoulder height of 36 inches, making it tough to hunt him. Not only this, as hog ages, they develop a thick, armor-like shoulder plating which often leaves hunters in the misconception that their thick skin that appears as though it would be difficult to penetrate. However, in reality, a deer rifle will work too in hog hunting as long as you know the right trick to hit the right part of the hog.

3. Hogs Are Blind

Some hunters have the misconception that hogs are blind. This is completely untrue. Indeed, upto some extent, the hogs' eyesight is not so good as their heads are so low to the ground, which results in poor peripheral vision. But that doesn't make them blind. Moreover, hogs have great sensing abilities, making it difficult for hunters to approach them. But the truth is that they can detect your movement even when you are miles away from them at the time of hog hunting. 


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These are just a few of the most widespread hog-related myths. Knowing the truth is crucial to avoid making a mistake while hunting. So, if you're all set to go on your first hunt and are searching for one of the best hog hunts in Texas at mind-blowing prices? You can contact INDEPENDENCE RANCH to make your hunting experience memorable. Reach out to us to explore more about our packages. 


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