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Different Hunting Baits For A Successful Wild Hog Hunting

Different Hunting Baits For A Successful Wild Hog Hunting

A wild hog is a valuable trophy and a fantastic hunting object. The hunter should develop an effective hunting strategy for wild hog hunting and stick to all the tactics to hunt a hog because it is tough to hunt this ferocious and robust animal. A challenging task while hunting hogs is using different baits to capture them. There are different types of hunting baits available, but it isn't easy to choose the best of them. The hunting baits work perfectly to entice hogs and make it easy for hunters to hunt them. Suppose you aren't aware of the type of bait to use for wild hog hunting in Texas. Then, read the complete blog and learn about the types of baits you can choose for successful hog hunting. 

  1. Raspberry Jello Mix 

The sweet smell of raspberry jello mix works best to entice hogs. If you are looking for a quick hunt, just spread the mix around the area to attract hogs. Generally, it is better to mix raspberry jello with any other edible to be eaten by hogs like corn. 

It's better to dig a hole deep into the ground and fill it with the sachets of raspberry jello mix, after that, covering the hole again with dirt and mud to keep hogs from coming back. The hogs can smell the raspberry mixture even if it is buried deep into the ground and will come back in the future to eat as much of the raspberry jello mix. It is an effective bait for wild hog hunting as hogs will return in the future to the place where you can easily hunt them. 

  1. Anise Oil 

Anise oil is an essential oil used in making an array of products, including soaps, perfume, alcohol, candies, gelatins, and more, for flavor and scent. A tiny amount of anise oil is an excellent method to entice hogs from miles away. 

The oil has a strong scent, which can spread its fume to a greater distance. The oil works best if appropriately mixed with corn or any other food items so hogs can eat them. Its strong smell works perfectly to attract hogs from a greater distance. 

  1. Soured Corn 

If you are searching for a more efficient way for wild hog hunting in Texas, then soured corn can be the best wild hog bait attractant. You can dump it under the ground, or you can tie its sack to a tree 4 or 5 above the ground. It is an effective way to attract hogs that are farther away. In addition to that, if the drugged holes are filled with sour corn, then the hogs will have something to come for in that particular area. They will come back in the future or stay at the location for a prolonged period. 

Final Words 

These are some types of baits that you can consider for hunting feral hogs, their proper usage assists you to lead feral hogs in the right direction and no time. If you want to book packages for East Texas hog hunting, you can consider Independence Ranch, as it offers a wide range of hunting packages at affordable prices.

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