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Hog Hunting Tips for Beginners

Hog Hunting Tips for Beginners

Nothing else compares with the excitement and thrill of hog hunting.

As a hunter seeing the sunrise at dawn, vigilantly hearing the nestling of leaves, stalking your hunt without getting too close, and executing the kill are some of the fun experiences. Luckily there are lenient laws and plenty of hogs to hunt in the southern states, making Texas hog hunting one of the most sought-after hunting pleasures.

Why Hog Hunting in Texas?

Texas has the highest population of wild hogs in America. Being an invasive species that breed quickly, feral hogs are a threat to the natural crops and the ecosystem. Consequently, you will be doing a favor in eradicating the nuisance created by the wild hogs.

Hog Hunting Tips for Beginners

As an ammature hunter any slight mistake can be fatal; Wild Hogs are known for being hostile when they are in a corner and get frightened by a hunter's presence. Therefore make sure to keep ample distance from the hog.

Be quiet and alert.

Despite having a weak vision, wild hogs can smell and hear quite adequately. Any noise can alert them, creating a frenzy. Make sure to keep quiet while hunting hogs.

A hunter masks the human smell by avoiding perfumes, colognes, detergents. It is smart to wash hunting clothes with hot water and baking soda.

How to track wild hogs?

Just like other games, a hunter can track wild hogs by examining their tracks. As hogs use snout to find food, uneven soil is a sign of hog presence. Besides that, hogs have no sweat glands. Therefore they dig holes near creaks to cool off their body temperatures; a bog that reeks of urine and feces might be a sign of a hog in vicinity.

Where to shoot the hog?

Now that you have spotted the hog, the next obvious step is to shoot the bullet. Hogs have thick skin to protect their innards; if you hit a nonvital organ, there is a risk of the animal fleeing away and, worse, charging towards you.

For your best chances, aim for the hog's heart or liver. The heart is slightly above the elbow, and the lungs are behind its shoulders. Otherwise, aim for the brain for a quick and humane kill.

Use Arms and Ammunitions

As previously mentioned, hogs have a thick outer coat with plenty of high-density bones, which makes small bows, knives, and weak bullets inefficient.

To kill a hog, use bullets that can pierce through the thick outer skin. You can opt for a .270 WIN, a .308 WIN, and a .30 - .06 SPRINGFIELD cartridge for the perfect shot.

Best place to go hog hunting in Texas for beginners?

After discussing a few tips for novice hog hunters now, it's time to find a safe and beginner-friendly ranch. Located a few miles away from San Antonio, Houston, and Austin, Texas, is the Independence Ranch. Here you can experience a safe and affordable world-class Texas hog hunting experience.

The Independence Ranch has services offering assisted hog hunts along with skinning, packaging, and processing services. The premium ranch provides a fun experience with an emphasis on safety making it ideal for first time hunters.

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