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How Dangerous is Hog Hunting Compared to Other Types of Hunting?

How Dangerous is Hog Hunting Compared to Other Types of Hunting?

Wild boars are equipped with natural weapons such as razor-sharp and thick tusks. In addition, they also have an equally sharp mind. As most hunters say, these features make wild boars one of the most dangerous animals to hunt.

Extremely unpredictable and aggressive by nature, wild pigs are the fourth most intelligent animals across the globe. A hunter can easily become the hunted if they do not go to the ranch or other hunting spots without proper preparation or do not take proper precautionary measures.

Whether you talk about West Texas hog hunting or hunting in any other region in the United States, hunters need to exercise proper care while taking part in hunting sport and here’s why.

Why hog hunting calls for extra care and attention compared to other forms of hunting

  1. Hogs are wild animals

Wild boars do not look dangerous on the surface. However, going by their furry and less-dangerous looks can lead one into a troublesome situation.

While wild pigs do not readily attack at the outset, it can be the other way around if one goes too close to their herd, tease them or make sounds. Mothers are protective towards their little ones, whereas the male hogs are large in size. As they can charge at a speed of 70 km/hr, running is clearly not an option in West Texas hog hunting ranches or on farmlands.

  1. Hogs are vigilant

Wild pigs are watchful even when they look for food. Luring them for food is one of the basic or key strategies that hunters generally use to lure feral hogs. It works wonders in terms of bringing out the animals in the open. But a careless approach on the part of hunters can make them aware of the trap and consequently, they can run away.

  1. Hogs are erratic

What makes hog hunting one of the most dangerous hunting sports around the world? The answer is simple. Hogs are, for sure, unpredictable by nature. As such, it is not easy for hunters to make out how they would react to a particular situation.

When scared, they may adopt two diagonally opposite approaches. They may either run away as fast as they can or they may also charge at the attacker to the best of their abilities. It is due to this erratic nature of wild pigs that hunters need to not only be at a safe distance but also be extra careful.

  1. Hogs can come out during the daytime or be nocturnal depending on the season

Whether one can spot hogs or not depends, to a large extent, on the time of hunting. Hogs generally prefer to come out during the night in summer and daytime in winter.

When hunting in summer, hunters need to carry their night-vision equipment while going ahead with their plans for West Texas pig hunting. Getting a proper view plays a decisive role in determining the chances of success of a hunter.

Work out where to hunt in Texas for improving your chances for success

Knowing where to hunt in Texas is of paramount importance to formulate your strategy in the first place. There is no general or hard-and-fast rule when it comes to hunting wild pigs. Your planning should correspond to the spot that you choose for hunting. This approach will promote the likelihood of you taking the bacon home.

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