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What are the Best Hunting Techniques for Hog Hunting?

What are the Best Hunting Techniques for Hog Hunting?

Hogs are aggressive wild animals. Apparently, they may not look as aggressive and dangerous but they are equipped with features that act as natural weapons. Plus, their unpredictable nature also makes them one of the most dangerous animals for hunting sport.

Wild pig hunting is a popular sport in regions such as Houston in the United States. The growing population of feral hogs poses a problem to the flora, fauna and the local population of some US-based regions.

When going for Houston Texas hog hunting, it is imperative that you proceed with proper preparation. This post will take you through some tried and tested hunting techniques for success in hunting hogs in Texas.

A checklist of useful tips for Houston Texas hog hunting

  1. Go with the right weapons

The selection of the right weapon is not only important for your success in hog hunting but also for your safety. Going to the hunting spot with only a knife can be counter-productive as you will need to get close to feral hogs to hunt them with it. The same holds true for blades.

An important thing to bear in mind is that hogs, despite their big body and weight, can charge at you at a fast speed. As such, it is a good idea to go to the hunting spot with weapons such as a compound bow, rifle, A12 gauge shotgun, etc.

With these weapons, you can take an aim at the animal from a distance. Plus, being sophisticated weapons, you will be able to enhance your chances for success to make a kill.

  1. Know the right time to hunt wild pigs

Oftentimes, hunters make the mistake of believing that they will be able to sight a hog on a ranch or farmland right away. A lot depends on the time of the year in which you go for hunting.

Generally, hogs come out in the open in search of food during the daytime in winter. In warmer months, they do so around dawn or dusk. You need to choose the bait according to the time of hunting.

  1. Choose the right bet for luring wild hogs

For best results, hunters choose to go with baits depending on the hunting places in Texas. However, it is always a good idea to go with bait which is useful for almost all regions. When you think about it, then two common choices that come to mind are corn and pecans or nuts.

While corns grab the attention of hogs, they detract other animals. Thus, you can use it to make sure you only attract hogs and avoid distraction by bringing in other animals. Make sure you soak then well in water, beer or sugar for a few days.

Also, you can think about using nuts and pecans as baits. They also do a good job in terms of attracting hogs towards a place. In case you are planning to use nuts, make sure you drop them before at least a day or two. This will give the hog the impression that the place is relatively safe for them to look for food.

Are you ready for Northern Texas hog hunts?

Hunting trips in Texas can be great fun f you bear the aforementioned tips in mind. Now that you have come to know about a few handy tips for hunting hogs in Texas, try implementing them into practice whenever you go hunting in Northern Texas.

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