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Night Hog Hunting Texas: Strategy, Options & Post Hunting Measures

Night Hog Hunting Texas: Strategy, Options & Post Hunting Measures

Hog hunting is gaining popularity in the United States - thanks to the support of the state and federal governments. Feral pigs wreak havoc in some regions in Central Texas, Houston, and other regions in the US. As such, hog hunting is seen as a viable option to keep their population in control.

Night hog hunting is popular in some states such as Texas. This post will cover the salient features of Hog hunting in Central Texas.

Night hog hunting Texas: what time should you hunt hogs at night?

More often than not, feral hogs have a tendency of coming out at night. This can be attributed to their nocturnal habit. However, they may exhibit a different behavioral trait during winter. In this season they prefer to come out during the day time in search of food.

Hog hunting near Houston TX at night is popular during the summer for another reason. You are likely to spot more hogs than other animals at night time in summer. As such, wild pigs constitute the obvious choice for hunting sport.

If you are planning to go night hog hunting Texas in summer, the night time is the best for this activity. Hunting at this time will increase your chances of success due to the availability of hogs in larger numbers.

Hog hunting near Houston TX: what strategy should you work out?

Just as the five fingers of your hand are different from one another, the hunting methods of hunters tend to vary from one another. They generally tend to choose a method based on their convenience. Other factors such as time/season of hunting and the regions also play an important role in determining the choice of hunting methods for hunters.

If you are taking part in Houston Texas hog hunting, your idea should be to march ahead with a strategy that is effective for this region. An important point to remember here is that what comes across as an effective strategy in one region may not be the same in another region. It is important to plan your strategy carefully based on the region in which you wish to carry out your hunting adventure.

Houston Texas hog hunting: weapon, baiting, lighting, and ambushing options

As far as the choice of weapons for hog hunting is concerned, there is no hard and fast rule. You can choose any weapon, ranging from rifles and shotguns to pistols and crossbow for this purpose. However, it is recommended to go in with an AR platform rifle to maximize the chances of getting a kill.

For baiting, you can either use an automated or gravity feeder. Oak mast, nuts, overripe fruits, sweet potatoes, and food grains are some of the common food options you can use to lure a wild hog. Because hogs are not choosy about picking up a food option, you can choose any of these options.

Lighting is an important aspect of hunting at night as it is linked to vision. With better vision, you can maximize the possibility of getting your desired results in hunting. Generally, you will not need to worry about the availability of light when the moonlight offers a good vision at night. If the visibility isn’t clear due to poor moonlight, you can either use feeder light or night vision.

Laying ambush in the path that hogs follow to find food and water is a popular strategy used by most hunters. To get your desired results by adopting this strategy, you need to identify the path that hogs generally follow for this purpose. This will simplify matters for you in laying the ambush.

Fortunately, you can avail of these facilities at affordable Texas hog hunting packages.

Hog hunting Central Texas: post hunting measures

It is imperative that you act as fast as you can after hunting a hog. In the hot and humid weather in summer, the body of the dead animal will start to decompose at a faster pace. If possible, prearrange ices so you can keep the corpse of a hog at a cool temperature. Thereafter, take the necessary steps for meat processing at your earliest convenience.

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