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Must-know Facts About Hogs Before Going on West Texas Hog Hunting

Must-know Facts About Hogs Before Going on West Texas Hog Hunting

Wild hog hunting is gaining popularity and becoming one of the popular games in Texas, and hence many hunters are considering going on hunting trips. If you are one of the experienced or beginner hunters wanting to enjoy a successful hog hunting experience, continue reading to find out some essential facts about the wild hogs before going on your next West Texas hog hunting

Elevate Your Future Hog Hunts With the Crucial Facts

If you want to level up your West Texas hog hunting game and are tired of using all the tips and tricks and still getting no results, the below facts can help. 

  1. The Wild Hogs are Known to be Legendary Jumpers & Runners

The wild hogs can gain speed up to a maximum of 30 mph and are known to jump over fences less than 3 feet high. Expert researchers have also declared that the wild hogs can make their way out of 5 to 6 feet tall traps. Since these fast, aggressive animals are known to come running at fast speeds, you need to be careful when hunting or trapping them. Ensure to stay mindful of the techniques you follow on your West Texas hog hunting expeditions. 

  1. They Can Sight Figures Up to 100 Yards Away 

Despite not having the best sight, the wild hogs are known for sighting objects up to 100 yards away. Hence, for inexperienced or skilled hunters, keep in mind that these are powerful animals who can hear and see you at a decent distance. Also, if you are into the spotting and stalking hunting game, try to stay quiet and don't make any loud noises since the wild hogs have the power to sight your presence from closer locations. 

  1. They Have a Good Smelling Power

It doesn't matter if the hogs can't see clearly or do not have the best vision; they have the best noses that can detect even the slightest human scent or odors as far away as 5-7 miles. No matter how much experience a hunter holds catching the wild hogs, they can never fool their nose or hide from their exceptional smelling abilities. Many West Texas hog hunting ranches advise hunters to follow the "spot and stalk" tactic since they can fool the eyes but not the nose. 

  1. The Wild Hogs are Gradually Becoming Nocturnal

With the increasing numbers of hogs and their population multiplying by the day, hogs have adapted to hunters' behavior and strategies by becoming nocturnal. Hence, professionals often advise inexperienced hunters to hunt wild hogs when feeding at night. Hunters can always use the professional night vision hunting equipment designed to offer hunters exceptional safety and convenient hunting solutions. 

  1. Lookout for Uprooted Soil

One of the best facts that will assist hunters in enjoying a commendable hunting experience is to always look out for uprooted soil. Since wild hogs use their snouts to root through the land and vegetation and search for food, uprooted mud is the most recognizable sign confirming hogs' availability in a particular region. When aiming to harvest a wild hog's presence, consider finding the lands with uprooted soil. 

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