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Reasons Why To You Must Go For South Texas Hog Hunting!

Reasons Why To You Must Go For South Texas Hog Hunting!

Texas already has an estimated population of more than 1.5 million hogs, and that population is rising regularly. The Texas hog population is essentially expanding, and hogs can be found throughout the state. However, you can go hunting in South Texas in any season.

There seems to be no fixed season for South Texas hog hunting. Nevertheless, hog hunting in South Texas can be more exciting and adventurous especially, at night. 

  •  Go hunting anytime

Hog Hunting hunts are mostly done from late January to mid-March. After that, the deer season starts. Whenever weather is chilly, and the wild game is acclimated to coming to the feed from the previous year's closed deer hunting season. 

  • Visit the best Texas Hog Hunting Outfitters.

In South Texas, you can visit the best Texas hog hunting outfitters, that is, Independence Ranch. We have several located across the South Texas scrubland and the Hill Country area around Austin / San Antonio to guarantee a successful hunt. The size of Independence Ranch varies from 1,000 to 15,000 acres.

  • Experience the adventurous South Texas Hog Hunting

You'll feel the excitement of the hunt regardless of your skill level with our exclusive hunting packages, which can be customized for parties of 2-14 people. You'll also have access to our comfy and large hunting blinds, and after your hunt, you can return to the Ranch for a delectable lunch and refreshing refreshments.

Where to hunt hog in Texas?

Still wondering where to hunt hog in Texas? Enjoy the best hunting experience only at The Independence Ranch. 

Hunts are semi-guided hunts in which we take you on a tour of our Ranch to educate you to withstand sites and the lay of the country, then "set you free" to do your hunting. All of our ranches provide lodging with all of the conveniences of home. You are welcome to bring and stay in your RV instead of using our accommodation units. Independence Ranch is the ideal location for your next hog hunt. Our facilities are available all year and are great for family reunions, weekend vacations, year-round fishing, or simply spending a relaxed weekend in the country.

For South Texas hog hunting, you should always be prepared for rainfall. In the case of adverse weather, you must bring waterproof boots. Prepare for cool to cold weather in the fall, winter, and spring. In the summer, you must wear light clothing. Carry your sunscreen with you.

For more information or additional help, you can feel free to reach out to us via call or email.

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