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Some Interesting Facts about Hog Hunting in Texas

Some Interesting Facts about Hog Hunting in Texas

According to new research, there are around 5 to 6 million wild hogs in Texas. Controlling such a huge population of feral hogs isn't that easy, though. So, these days Texas hog hunting has become quite popular among the hunting enthusiasts. Not only does it give them a chance to test their hunting skills but it also enables them to bring home their favorite meat.

In this article, you will come to know about some interesting aspects of this Texas hog hunt.

Interesting facts related to hog hunting 

Hog hunting Texas is a fascinating nocturnal sport

These days, wild hogs are quite popular in Texas and have adapted to the behavior of the Hunters. So, these days they are becoming more nocturnal and changing their behavioral patterns. So, hog hunt Texas is now extremely easy for the hunters at night. There are several areas that will allow hunting down the hugs both on the public and private land with or without the requirement of artificial light. The hunters must be well equipped with the right hunting equipment that gets attached to the bottom of the feeders. Hog hunting Texas becomes a great sport during the night time. 

It isn’t that easy to fool the hogs while hog hunting trips 

In fact, the hogs do not have good eyesight. But, at the same time, their nose is very sharp. Hogs can sense the smells of the entities approaching them around 5 to 7 miles away. They can also detect the underground smells around 25 feet deeper. There are many hunters who have been using the spot and stalk technique and have found success. But, not all of them have been successful in fooling the nose of the wild hogs.

The eyesight can sometimes help the hogs

It's true that the wild hogs don't have very good quality eyesight. Still, during the night time, they have the capability of seeing around 100 yards away. It means that while continuing with the spot and stalk technique, you have to be quite careful and make sure to not scare the Hog away. 

Planning the season for Hog hunting in Texas

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department suggest that these hugs are non-game, exotic, and protected animals. So, there are no restrictions on hunting them in any of the seasons till 1st September. For starting with the hunting adventure, you have to get permission and license.

Soon the license requirement for hunting the wild hogs in Texas will stop

Hog hunting in Texas is going to become a legal endeavor on the public and private property without the requirement of the license. Currently, the surge in the hog population is forcing the landowners in Texas to mistreat the hogs. The Texas Parks And Wildlife Department has taken the decision that they will soon stop the requirement of hunting license for hunting hogs.

Are you looking for the best ranch for hog hunting in Texas?

Whether you are a beginner or a pro in hog hunting, you may want to begin your hog hunting trips in this season in the best ranch. Independence Ranch is the one-stop destination for Texas hog hunts with all the facilities and resources. What’s more, you can also hunt other exotic animals to get your preferred meat. 

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