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4 Tips to Stay Safe While Hunting Deer from a Tree Stand

4 Tips to Stay Safe While Hunting Deer from a Tree Stand

We all know that hunting is one of the most exciting sports out there. But it’s equally true that hunting can be risky and dangerous as well! Whether you are planning for deer hunting trips in Texas or hog hunting experiences, seasoned hunters often use tree stands to track their harvest. The main concern is that tree stands expose these hunters to a lot of potential injuries, accidents, and threats. By adhering to some safety tips, one can choose to keep major consequences right at bay. In this blog, we will explore some of the tips to stay safe and sound while hunting from a tree stand. Stay tuned for more information!

●      Make Sure to Inspect the Equipment and Tree Stand

The equipment in a tree stand might get exposed to wear and tear; you need to check whether they are properly functioning or not. Check the harness and inspect the strap’s strength; it must be potent enough to safeguard you from major falls. In case the harness strap is exposed to sunlight and rough weather conditions, consider replacing it with a new one.

●      The Tree Stand Must Adhere to Safety Standards

Most importantly, the tree stand you are choosing to use must be safe and meet the TMA or Tree Stand Manufacturers Association standards. The tree is supposed to offer maximized support to your weight along with the stand. If you end up selecting a leaning or rotting tree, it will only make way for more risk factors. Be extremely careful and look for tree stands that adhere to safety standards. In any case of doubts and queries, you can always seek advice from Texas deer hunting outfitters.

●      Cover Yourself with a Full-body Harness

If you decide to hunt deer from a tree stand, don’t forget to put on your full-body harness. Don’t rely on chest or single strap belts, these accessories might not come in handy and pave the way for serious accidents. A full-body harness is definitely way more trustworthy; wearing it will help you ensure peace of mind!

●      Keep Your Hands Empty While Climbing the Tree Stand

Don’t try to climb the tree stand while holding your hunting equipment like rifles, flashlights, etc. This is one of the major reasons behind accidents, apart from direct falls. If you are hunting with friends, ask them to hold your equipment for a while. Get up and then collect your amenities; it’s a much safer option. On the other hand, if you are alone on the hunting ranch, you can rely on a haul line to lift the hunting equipment. 

Explore our South Texas deer hunting packages, follow these few safety tips, and enjoy a wholesome hunting experience! The ranch awaits you.

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Injuries that individuals suffer on a hunting trip can be highly preventable. If you know the nitty gritty of staying safe and precautionary methods, chances of falls and injuries will be much lesser. Yes, scratches and marks are common on a Texas deer hunting trip, but you can still combat major problems by knowing how to stay safe and sound! Hopefully, these tips will make it easier for you to keep potential injuries at bay. Prepare yourself, pack your bags, and hit our Independence Ranch as soon as possible.

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