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Set in a medieval-type period, Legacy of the Kings is a collection of six novels. This fiction series has enough monsters, zombies, demons and gruesome transformations to keep every action fan at the edge of their seat. But that’s not all! There’s also a complicated love triangle that would make any romance fan swoon. Oh, and I dare not forget to mention the suspense, horror, and drama twined within comedic antics!

The series centers on the lives of Andrius and Caedmon, two courageous, teenage twin brothers who learn they are survivors of a sacred bloodline. In an attempt to rescue humanity, the boys must find a celestial book to unlock the mysteries of the elemental weapons, which control the four natural elements. An evil sorcerer Sahib seeks to murder the twins and attain the elemental weapons to complete his immortality. Can Andrius and Caedmon learn to control the four natural elements and defeat the sorcerer?


The dwarven city burns. Something powerful strikes from deep within the mountain. A wicked king plots against his people, while fierce enemies ready for battle.

As Sahib continues to seek his immortality, his unmatched power stirs in Landias. Mythical creatures are birthed to destroy humanity, and many who were thought dead are still alive. Can Andrius and Caedmon learn to control the four natural elements to defeat this new threat?

Legacy of the Kings: Reconciliation is the third of six novels.