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How Can Rains Influence Your Hog Hunting Experience?

How Can Rains Influence Your Hog Hunting Experience?

While many hunters think that poor weather is bad for wild hog hunting in Texas, light rains or mild storms can give you an added advantage over hunting. Unlike summer, hogs are very active during rainy seasons. All these have the potential to make your hog hunting session even more interesting and productive. Moreover, there is a certain limit to hunting in the rain. If it is torrentially pouring or heavy storms or there is lightning striking outside, it is advisable to avoid hunting at such times.


Ways In Which Rain Influences Hunting Hogs

Weather can change unexpectedly anytime during the hunting trip. Thus with a little more knowledge, you can ensure success during your next wild boar hunt expedition in the rain. Continue reading this blog to explore the different dimensions of hog hunting during the rain.

  • Feeding Habit Of The Hogs

Rains make it easier for the hogs to find their food. In dry conditions, it is harder for them to dig up the soil and search for seeds, vegetables, worms, or anything that they can feed upon. But the rain makes the ground softer, making it easier for them to find sufficient food; hence, it means fuller bellies. Fuller bellies demand them to rest; thus, they are easily sightable to hunters.

  • In Regulating The Body Temperature Of The Hogs

Hogs lack sweat glands, unlike humans, so they cannot regulate their body temperature. Thus, extremely hot conditions put them at risk of heat stroke or utter exhaustion. Hence when it rains, hogs generally venture out to riverbeds, mud puddles, or other places to keep themselves cool. This is one of the reasons why hunters often target this place during their wild hog hunting in Texas.

  • Removes The Unwanted Smells

Besides contributing to the hunting ambiance, rains also aid in the hunt of hogs. Hogs are blessed with a strong sense of smell, their best defence against hunters and predators. Rains thus dampen and wash away the human odours to a great extent, preventing the hogs from smelling and detecting the presence of any hunters in their line of sight.

  • On The Hunters

Hunting hog in the rain can be miserable if you have to deal with soaked boots or soggy clothes. But if you prepare adequately, your hunt can still be fun as it would be during the summers. For this, you can consider wearing a raincoat or bringing the least amount of gear possible. Moreover, as an added advantage, as most hunters tend to shy away from hunting in wet weather, it means less competition and human interference in the ranches.


Make Every Shot Count In Your Next Rain Hog Hunting!

If you plan to go wild hog hunting in Texas during the rains, continue to make all the preparations, such as scent control, slow and sudden movements, and camouflage clothing. However, one cannot depend on the rains to increase their chances of success; thus, you can contact INDEPENDENCE RANCH for a better-guided hunting experience. Our experienced staff will assist you throughout the hunting expedition in almost all weather conditions.

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