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How To Protect Yourself From Hog Diseases While Hunting?

How To Protect Yourself From Hog Diseases While Hunting?

You should exercise caution during your wild boar hunt in Texas. Many people engage in wild hog hunting for fun and to aid in population control. These animals can, however, infect people and other animals with diseases. Therefore, this post will provide some basic hog hunting advice to help you avoid contracting wild hog sickness. But before we move forward to learn the steps to keep ourselves safe from the relevant diseases, we need to understand how it spreads. 

Over twenty-four different strains of the disease can be carried by wild hogs. Transmission typically takes place after the hunt. Hunters who eat wild hog meat but don't boil it thoroughly risk contracting hog sickness. Brucellosis can, however, occasionally be acquired through contact with hog blood or other bodily fluids. This bacterial illness may have hog origins. 

Here Are Some Steps Or Tips To Follow During Your Wild Boar Hunt 

No matter what we want and plan to do, self-safety always comes first. The same applies to hog hunting in North Texas as well. Read the suggestions below to help you stay safe while enjoying the hunting adventure. 

  1. Try Minimizing Your Contact 

This suggestion can also be the first step for you to follow during hunting. Avoid ill or dead animals because they can also make you sick. Even when a hog looks fine and healthy, ensure that you do not have excessive contact with them because you do not know if they are carrying any disease. 

  1. Ensure That The Knives Are Sharp Enough 

When engaging in the process of hunting or butchering a hog, it's crucial to emphasize the significance of utilizing sharp knives. The advantage of employing a finely honed blade cannot be overstated, as it greatly enhances the efficiency and cleanliness of the entire endeavor in the North Texa hog hunt.

  1. Wear Protective Gear While Hunting 

Wear protection gear at all times when working with dead hogs. You avoid coming into contact with infectious body fluids in this way. It is essential to use protective eyewear and rubber gloves. Avoid putting your hands or naked skin in direct contact with bodily fluids. 

  1. Do Not Forget To Dispose Your Gloves  

If the butchering gloves are disposable, you should throw them away and bury them. Wash your gloves well if they are reusable. If not, bury or burn your gloves with the hog's other unused parts. It helps you maintain hygiene throughout the process, adding an extra layer of health safety.

  1. Keep Your Tools Clean 

You should also clean up any hunting equipment before putting on your gloves. The objective is to eradicate any hog-related germs. The most effective cleaning solution is diluted bleach. However, there are additional anti-bacterial disinfectants that you can use. 

  1. Ensure Cleaning The Abdominal Cavity  

Before the meat is processed, the abdominal cavity must be cleaned, dried, and cooled. Ice bags should be inserted into the human cavity to speed up cooling in warm weather (over 65° F, or 18.3 C). Ideally, flies would be kept away from the carcass. Note that this step is for those hunting to consume the meat afterward. 

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