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Pick These Best Hog Hunting Guns For Your 2023 Hunting Trip

Pick These Best Hog Hunting Guns For Your 2023 Hunting Trip

Are you searching for the relevant guns for hog hunting in Texas? Then, this guide is curated specially for you. A great trip with the family to Texas for a hog hunt can give you a thrill and excitement. Besides that, hunting with family makes the trip more enjoyable. Want to try your hands on feral hogs at private ranches? Read this post to learn more about the best guns for the hog hunt.

Know Why Hog Hunting Is Allowed

Wild hogs are growing at an alarming rate. They are expensive critters to the economy. Nonetheless, it is apt to state that hogs can cause potential damage of $2.5 billion annually. Feral Swine are known for thier nocturnal behavior. Therefore, you will find them destroying golf courses and manicured lawns, tearing down farmlands, spreading diseases, and contaminating water supplies. Therefore, the Government of Texas has lifted the restriction on hog hunting to curb thier population. You don't even need a license to hunt this Texas hog-hunting season.


Suitable Guns To Hunt Hogs From The Far!

There are a lot of guns that can be used for hog-hunting. However, selecting the right gun depends on the range at which you aim the hog and the kind of gun best suited to your hand. Further, you need to pick the guns according to the season and environment. A gun might be suitable to hunt in Nort Texas in the winter but may not be effective in South Texas due to the season and different suburbs. You can classify hog-hunting guns into two types.


Traditional Hog Hitters

These guns are considered classic for accurately hunting hogs, deer, and other animals. You will get a better result from hog-hunting. 

  1. Winchester 1894

This gun was designed in 1894 and is considered an essential cowboy gun for hog-hunting. Further, it has a carbine-length barrel with thick wood to have a smooth lever action for impressive rapid-fire shots. You can aim hogs from 150 yards with this gun. 

  1. Marlin Model 1895

The updated version of the Marlin model features easier cycling and a larger loop finger lever to pull the trigger. Further, it comes with tapped and drilled scope mounts. Moreover, it has got the name pig punisher because of its accuracy in hog hunting in Texas.

  1. Remington 700

The guide to classic guns for hog-hunting is incomplete without Remington 700. It is known for its rugged, simple, and reliable design. Remington 700 bolt action is known for its high-level accuracy in long-range aim. 

Practical Guns For Hog Hunt

Outfitters widely use practical guns to hunt the hogs that come with semi-automatic functioning and massive rounds of firing. These guns are called hog reapers that can be super-cool accessories to make hog hunting in Texas effortless.

  •  Daniel Defense V7 Carbine

  • The gun comes with a 16-inch barrel ample to hit the blind spot through the carbine. The Daniel Defense V7 Carbine is suitable for all hunters because it is relatively lightweight than other guns. You can tote these guns on Hogs from miles without being worn down. 

  • Palmetto State Armory PA-10

  • When it comes to effortless hog hunting in Texas, Palmetto State Armory PA-10 semi-automatic AR-10 rifle stands ahead of its competitors due to ambidextrous controls, safe point of release, telescopic stock, and rugged chambers. Further, this gun hits the hog in the least amount of time.

  • BushMaster Hunter SD

  • Bushmaster Hunter SD is made to perfection for heavy-hitting performance with its .450 BM cartridge. Hog-hunting requires guns with a special muzzle to have greater recoil reduction. SD is known for its colossal size, making a suitable gun at a premium price.

    Gear Up For Your Next Hog-Hunt!

    Hog-hunting is considered an adventurous sport in Texas. You can use the aforementioned guns to gear up your hog hunt. Using these guns will significantly improve your targeting skills and produce better results. Are you finding for one of the best Texas hog-hunting ranches at an affordable price? You can contact INDEPENDENCE RANCH for curated packages to make your hog hunting experience memorable. Call us now to explore more!

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