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A Simple Guide To Packing Your Hunting Backpack

A Simple Guide To Packing Your Hunting Backpack

When you set foot for hog hunting, backpack organization matters. Thus while on a Texas exotic hunting trip, knowing the consistency of what to pack, how to pack, and how to place your belongings will make a big difference in the comfort of your load and the efficiency of your hunt. An organized backpack ensures proper weight distribution, which gradually comes with a little practice in finding the right place for your gear. Moreover, it reduces the chances of pulling back muscles or damaging your knees.

Therefore to help you shorten your learning curve and get you a little closer to becoming a confident hunter, we have narrowed down some tips. Read on to know about them. 

Tips For Proper Hunting Backpack Organization

It's good to know the basics of packing your backpack so that you are always prepared no matter where and when you are hunting. Continue to read this blog to have a clear overview of the basics of organization.

  1. Light And Bulky At The Bottom

The most experienced Texas deer hunting outfitters suggest putting lightweight, bulky, or unbreakable items at the bottom of your backpacks, like your clothes, sleeping bags, or tents. It makes space for heavier objects to be placed above the hip belt so that you don't break delicate items on your take rest or place them on the ground to sit. It creates an internal shock absorbent system for your backpack.

  1. Heavy Items Above Belt And Close To The Frame

Position heavier items close to the frame, like food and water, and other light items away from the frame. Food storage should be strategically done as required throughout the trip, no matter how many days it lasts. Food weight may vary, so categorize it and palace it inside a rollover or zippered dry bag. Placing the heavy object above the hip belt helps create a center of gravity and directs the load downward rather than backward.

  1. Cover Noise Making Objects/Equipment With Thick Padding

While you're on your hunt time at Texas exotic hunting ranches, it's best not to make any sounds that alarm your hunt. Thus ensure that you carry noise-free items like electronic gadgets. Moreover, it's best to keep them above the hip belt if you carry items that can make a noise when colliding, like stoves, utensils, or fuel. Consider padding these items with sleeping bags or other clothing items to avoid friction-created noise.

  1. Frequently Used Items On Top

Certain items that you'll be needing frequently or are delicate should be placed such that they are easily accessible such as GPS, camera, and headlamp. Further, you can even offer them padding with gloves, beanie, or gaiter for more safety. It makes them accessible at a moment's notice without you digging through your backpack at such crucial times.

  1. Make Space For Optics And Tripods As Per Convenience

Spotting items such as optics and tripods are delicate and must be conventionally placed on top. However, you can also palace them in the external pocket for more accessibility. Further, if you are carrying a gun or a bow for the bow hunting ranches in Texas, place or attach it to the opposite side of the tripod to balance the backpack's weight.


Plan Your Next Exotic Hunt With Us Today!

With all these tips, you will take less time packing your backpack and more time exploring the ranches and the hogs. Moreover, book your Texas exotic hunting with INDEPENDENCE RANCH and get the best-guided hunts in Texas. Contact us or visit our website to know more about our amazing hunt deals.

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