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Texas Exotic Hunting – An Overview

Texas Exotic Hunting – An Overview

Texas is known for various hunting trips like whitetail deer hunting, hog hunting, and the list adds on. More than acres are dedicated to public hunting so that the tourists or public can have the best hunting experience there.

But for hunting in Texas, you have to follow some rules and regulations made by the higher authorities of Texas. And the important thing is that you should have a hunting license.

Whether you are new to hunting, or a more experienced one who wants to explore more and wants to take the skills to the next level, it is better to take a professional group guide with you.

Tips to be followed for exotic hunts in Texas:

There are so many ways of hunting, like hog hunting or whitetail deer hunting, but the problem is you have to face lots of challenges that came your way, like too much noise and lack of proper hunting tips.

Therefore, it is imperative to hunt with valuable tips to get the most out of your hunting journey.

  • If you want to get the best out of your Texas exotic hunting, choose daytime as compare tonight because animals are more active in the daytime.
  • For hunting whitetail deer, choose morning time because they will be clearly visible in the morning due to mist.
  • Animals like whitetail deer can hear more properly than they can see. They totally depend on their hearing capacity to pick up upcoming predators. Therefore, try not to make a sound with your boots or anything.
  • Using a drone with a built-in camera can be the best tool to find your prey easily. Since whitetail deer mainly focus on flat land, you are sorted if you have air superiority.
  • Most of the animals you wish to hunt, like hogs and deer, also rely on their sense of smell. Even whitetail deer can smell a scent from a good distance away. Make sure to wash your hunting clothes in non-scented detergents.
  • Beware of the buck during the rut. If you go inside the realm of a rutting buck, they will attack you for sure. Therefore, care should be taken.


The tips mentioned above will be proved best for your Texas exotic hunting. If you want more guidance, you can contact Independence Ranch.

They are known best to provide the best services to their customers.

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