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The Best Wild Hog Hunting Season in Texas

The Best Wild Hog Hunting Season in Texas

With an estimated 1.5 million hogs, Texas is a leading destination for hog hunting in the United States. The not-so-stringent rules and regulations in the region have been one of the core factors for the rising popularity of wild hog hunting in Texas. This, coupled with the large population of feral hogs keep hog hunters busy throughout the year.

However, if you prefer hog hunting at a specific time or a particular season, you need to know about the best seasons for hog hunting in Texas. While, technically, you can hunt hogs here throughout the year, some seasons offer better opportunities for it than others. Read on to know more about it.

Winter season (December-February)

By and large, the time between December through February is considered the best wild hog hunting season in Texas. It is the winter time when the weather remains cold. Hogs come out at this time during the daytime in search of more food. The low temperatures keep wild hogs busy in search of nutrition.

Daytime hunting of hogs needs lesser spotting skills than that of night. Unlike at night, when you need special optical equipment for sighting, it is much easier to spot a hog and take an aim at it in the sunlight.

Wild pigs even do not hesitate to travel to farther places in search of food this season. The more they come out better would be your chances of sighting them. Mid-day is the best time to catch sight of hogs. The temperature at this time of the day is the most favorable for wild pigs. Consequently, you can expect better results with hog hunting if you choose this time for wild hog hunting in South Texas.

Spring season (March-May)

After the winter season, the next ideal time duration for hog hunting in Texas is in the spring season. Though you may not expect as many hogs to come out in this season as you would generally see in the winter months, one thing that acts to the advantage of hunters is the pleasant weather.

Due to the pleasant weather conditions, you can expect hogs to come out in search of food throughout the day and event at night. You can draw the attention of hogs by using the right kind of feeders.

However, the guides of most wild boar hunting outfitters Texas would ask you to exercise caution in the month of April. This is because it is the windiest month in Texas and as such, it increases the likelihood of the hogs detecting the presence of a hunter by virtue of their keen sense for smell. If a hog detects the presence of a hunter, it can aggravate matters and put them at the risk of being attacked by the exotic wild animals.

Summer season (June-August)

Feral hogs do not come out of their habitats as much in the summer months as they do in the winter season, especially during the daytime. Your best bet to get desirable results with hog hunting in summer is to hunt hogs at night.

Hunting hogs at night would need special optical equipment. You need to know how to use them skillfully to maximize your possibility of hunting hogs.

Contact your wild boar hunting outfitter to work out the right time for hog hunting

Your skills and location of hunting will also have a major role in deciding the best time for hog hunting. Whether you have plans for wild boar hunting in Austin Texas or any other region on your mind, it is a good idea to discuss your options with the concerned representatives of a ranch.

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