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3 Important Questions Linked to Night Hog Hunting in Texas

3 Important Questions Linked to Night Hog Hunting in Texas

Hogs are an exotic species of animals in the United States. Among other things, they have a keen sense of smell. But they have poor eyesight. Due to this reason, most hunters consider the idea of hunting them at night.

Pig hunting in Texas throughout the year makes Texas one of the leading places for hog hunting. Not only does it have less-stringent rules and regulations but also the availability of a number of hogs for this purpose. Whether beginners or pros, most hunters prefer hog hunting at night.

As far as the idea of hog hunting at the night time in Texas is concerned, here are some questions you need to ask. Knowing the answers to them will better your preparation and consequently, maximize your chances of success.

How often do hogs come out at night?

Being the descendants of domestic hogs, feral hogs show a distinctive behavior. They tend to come out in search of food during the daytime as well as at night. Seasonal changes play an important role in it.

In chilly winters, feral hogs prefer to come out in search of food during the mid-day. They do so in the early morning in the summer and spring seasons. When it comes to North Texas pig hunting, or even in the southern parts of the state, the summer season is considered the ideal time.

Feral hogs come out more often in summers than in winters. Thus, the former offers a better opportunity for hog hunting than the latter.

Do hogs remain active at night?

Hogs do not have the best eyesight. Darkness further reduces their visual abilities. Generally, these exotic animals are the most active at the time of feeding which generally happens either in the morning in early spring or mid-day in winter.

Taking these two aspects into considerations, you can safely assume that they aren’t as active at night as they are during the day time. Whilst they may still be active at winter nights, the likelihood of it is less in the summer months. Thus, hog hunting North Texas is more conducive at night, especially during the summer season.

Which light makes for a safe choice for pig hunting in North Texas?

When hunting in dark, you will need optical equipment for a better sighting. Being able to see well is an important aspect of hog hunting, especially at night.

Hunters need to choose their light very carefully. It is recommended that you should use discreet light for hog hunting in North Texas. Bright lights are infamous for scaring hogs. Plus, it also puts a hunter at the increased risk of being attacked by these animals.

Maximize your chances of taking the bacon home with the right strategy

Apart from the aforementioned aspects, one factor which plays a critical role in determining your success rate of pig hunting in North Texas is your strategy. Make sure you align your strategy well with the pieces of equipment available to you for desirable results.

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