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The Journey of Deer Hunting to Dining- What to Do After a Successful Hunt?

The Journey of Deer Hunting to Dining- What to Do After a Successful Hunt?

Congratulations hunter- you truly deserve a pat on the back for bagging a deer successfully. We understand that the overwhelming hunting process takes an emotional toll, and as a winner, you deserve to enjoy every bit of the meat. But, are you aware of the process that one must undergo after taking a deer down? If not, you have hopped into the right place.

After a victorious Texas deer hunting experience, you need to process the meat that you have earned with your hard work. Below are some of the important points that will enable you to gain a better understanding quite immediately.

How to Process a Deer?

The time to dig deeper without any further ado has arrived- keep reading:

●       Don’t Let Heat Ruin Your Hard Work

After you are done killing a deer, don’t take much time in clicking snaps- as heat might spoil the meat quality and degrade the taste. It’s quite evident that exposure to heat paves the way toward welcoming germs and bacteria- keeping your business clean is important. Ensure to safeguard the carcass from scorching heat and focus on cooling the meat as soon as possible. Your labor isn’t supposed to go in vain- don’t let the heat spoil the meat!

●       Remove the Internal Organs and Field Dress It

In order to cool the meat after a hunt, you will have to remove the internal organs in the first place. This process keeps the meat quality on point and makes it easier for you to carry the carcass. Now, you might wonder how you are supposed to perform this task. Well, you will have to make a cut from the anus to the chest and that’s all! Be extremely careful and clean while placing the cuts on the carcass- it will help you to deal with less mess.

Other than that, you can also adhere to the gutless method where you don’t need to remove the internal organs. Experienced hunters often rely on gutless methods because it’s less chaotic and saves time. Though mastering the art of quartering might need some time, with the right kinds of cutting tools, you can slay the process too. Remember to carry game bags while opting for Texas exotic hunting- they come in handy while stuffing meats.

●       Make Sure to Keep the Meat Clean

Whether you choose to remove the guts or follow the gutless method, you need to keep the meat clean after field-dressing it. The meat should be neat and free from unwanted substances like feces and dirt. Also, if you notice hairs, make sure to remove them patiently. Drenching the meat in water especially when the temperature is high isn’t a great idea too- it will expose your treat to harmful bacteria. Your deer hunting trips in Texas will become worth cherishing if your tummy gets satisfied at the end of the day.

●       Age and Process the Meat

You can either age the meat on your own or assign a butcher for the same. A butcher will age it for the required amount of days, pack it, and deliver it back to you. Here, all you need to do is prevent the heat factors from spoiling the meat until and unless you reach the butcher.

On the other hand, if you are willing to go through the task on your own, look for a spacious, open, and airy space- it might be a shade or a garage. Use a meat hook to hand the deer and let it age for at least a week. The more time you invest in this process, the more tender it will be. The temperature should be maintained between 34 to 37 degrees.

●       From Field to Plate, Enjoy the Meat

Now, the best part- cook your juicy meal and serve it on your plate- the heavenly taste will have you drooling over the delicacy. Venison can be enjoyed as a steak or in meatloaf, chili, and tacos- whatever you are craving, you have to customize the venison accordingly.

Before getting into the cooking process, there are a few things that need to be done. Remove membranes, fat, silver skin, and tendons before processing the meat. If there are little pieces, use them to make sausages or burgers, maybe?

How great does it feel when you finally complete the full circle from hunting to dining? Hopefully, this experience is something that can’t be expressed in quite a few words- one needs to see it for themselves. The overall journey of deer hunting trips in Texas sounds fulfilling, the reality only gets better and that’s a fact.

We Turn Your Wish into Reality

Yes, you have heard (read) the right thing. We at Independence Ranch offer affordable deer hunting packages in Texas. If you have a zeal to earn your own meal, we are the right place you are looking for. Whenever you get time, simply scroll through our website and choose a suitable package that fits your budget.

From breakfast to dinner, we won’t let your tummy get upset, that’s a promise from our end. Also, the idea of relaxing at your private cabin after a successful hunt sounds so satisfying, isn’t it? Don’t worry, we have made every kind of accommodation so that you can ensure peace of mind and focus on the game.

Whenever you are here for South Texas deer hunts, don’t miss out on your chance to get in touch with us either through email or phone call. We promise you the best time- yes, that’s on us.

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