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The Thrill Of The Chase- Adventures In Trap Shy Hogs

The Thrill Of The Chase- Adventures In Trap Shy Hogs

Hog hunting is one of the most popular adventures in Texas. No wonder people are enjoying wild boar hunting trips on a wide scale. On the other hand, many landowners are facing trouble because of these wild hogs. However, the population of wild hogs continues to increase in Texas. Such problems make homeowners seek wild hog hunters to keep the hog population in control. Wild pigs can be medium to large ( approximately 150-220 lbs) in size. With a tall, thin neck and a pointed head, it has a flat snout and a stout body. Most of the time, they are found in a group.

Basically, if we consider the fact the wild pigs are not from America, first, they are introduced by the Spanish people. But when we talk about the wild pig populations in America, mostly feral pigs are there (brought by the Spanish). In America, wild pigs are harmful and cause damage, whether it’s property agriculture or a various ecosystem. Mostly they damage the natural environment. They ruin vegetation, natural ecosystem agriculture areas, residential places, and livestock pastures.

Moreover, they carry several pathogens that are transmissible to animals and humans as well. 

The Management And Control Of Wild Pigs 

It will not be easy to control those wild pigs because of their high reproduction rate. Wild female pigs can reproduce even twice a year, and with each litter, they give birth to 6 to 8 piglets. There are many techniques one can use to control their populations, such as hunting and trapping. One can also use lethal control methods that effectively reduce the population of wild hogs. 

The estimation says that 60 to 70% of the hog population should be removed annually to make the balance in its current level population. Before taking any actions against the hogs, you need to keep a few regulations regarding trapping, hunting, and breeding in your mind. If you’re applying any of these techniques on private property, you should have the permission of the landlord. Similarly, when you use any rifle, pistol with no certain size limit, crossbow, or shotgun, ensure you have a license permit. Remember that transporting or releasing wild pigs on private property or public areas is prohibited and illegal as well. 

Trapping And Hunting The Wild Pigs

When we talk about the most effective way to reduce the number of hogs, trapping and hunting hogs in Texas comes first on the list. All you have to do is wait patiently; an effective hog control demands time to develop a successful kill plan. 

No matter whether you choose to trap them using traditional methods or make efforts to recognize the problem of shy hogs, always place trail cameras with a wide view. A camera can help you in many ways, like head count, arrival times, age classes of visiting pigs, and gender makeup. You need to ensure that you have set your camera to interval shooting if you have a large trap. Multiple factors should be considered before trapping, such as: 

  • Be aware of areas that are used widely by wild pigs and set your trapping accordingly
  • Pre-baiting to acquaint wild pigs with the food supply you provide
  • Look for effective trap and gate designs that can match the number of hogs you want to catch
  • Remember to place the bait at the proper location in the trap
  • One should also adjust techniques according to the current requirement of the time
  • Keep patient and wait 

Take Your Equipments Out

Pop-up blinds or permanent platforms overlooking a baited area are excellent techniques for pig control. However, such locations provide comfort in cases you have to wait for a long time to arrive at hogs. Some hunters place themselves far enough away from the bait site to avoid detection by visiting animals while yet seeing the light when it is activated. One can consider the below-mentioned points while trapping and hunting: 

  • You can also invite your friend or partner, which will enhance the opportunities to hunt more hogs at a
  • It is ideal for capturing wild pigs in a small group or in individual traps that are relatively cost-effective.
  • You should practice the countdown to synchronize your
  • Night vision and thermal optics provide shooters with a distinct advantage in low-light 

Make Your Hunting Efforts Easy With Us! 

Are you struggling to make a perfect plan for your next hog hunting in West Texas? When it comes to feral hogs has increased tremendously. The federal government became active on this matter and issued the federal farm bill also. You have to be patient because your efforts may take long-term commitments, time, and money. When you hire professionals for the work, you tend to increase the success rate of your hunting. Moreover, the tactics professional hog hunters use will kill the most possible hogs. Are you seeking such professionals for your next wild boar hunting trips? We are here to help you with top tools and techniques at INDEPENDENCE RANCH. Reach out to us now!

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