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What Are The Suitable Rifles For Hog Hunting?

What Are The Suitable Rifles For Hog Hunting?

If you are a hunting adventure enthusiast planning to experience hog hunting in East Texas, there are a few things to take care of. One of those few things is the hunting weapon you take with you. Not all the rifles available are suitable for hunting purposes. Therefore, you need the right rifle at the right time. But how to know what that suitable rifle is? 

Worry not; this blog will help you with the same. Here, we will learn about the suitable rifles you can trust and take for hog hunting. 

Top 7 Prefered Rifles For Hog Hunting 

Hog hunting is an art and a skill, requiring the right tool to hone it and achieve milestones. Below mentioned are the most suitable rifles for hunting pigs. Scroll down to explore more! 

Browning BAR ShorTrac Hog Stalker

The Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), created in 1917 by John Moses Browning, has been responsible for more American foes being killed than almost any other weapon. Sporting versions of it should be all American hunters need regarding pig guns because they served our soldiers in every significant combat from World War I to Vietnam. However, The new BAR has undergone significant adjustments to make it ideal in the pig forests. 

Smith And Wesson M&P 10

It is an excellent full-length Magpul stock for hog hunting in North Texas. Smith And Wesson comes with unmatchable accuracy hunters can rely on. It is essentially an 8-pound rifle with a 20-round capacity for the age-old. Pigs plenty, 308 Winchester (7.62 NATO), as fast as you can! As it's our job as American sportsmen to shoot as many pasture-damaging pigs as possible when the opportunity arises, the Smith & Wesson M&P 10 is practically perfect. 

Marlin Guide Gun 

Looking for some cool hog guns? Marlin Guide Gun is the rifle you can go with. The most recent version of the Marlin classic can fire 6-plus-1 rounds of the deadly. 45-70 bullet as quickly as you can pull the trigger. It can be loaded into a truck box, pulled behind a horse, or carried all day long on a person's back while pursuing pigs because it is only 7 pounds and measures just 37 inches overall. 

Savage 11FCNS Hunter

If you have this rifle for your hog hunting, you probably will not require any other rifle. You can use this rifle to shoot hogs from a distance of 400 yards, which is almost a half-kilometer. It can silence the hogs with its accuracy. If you do your part, it's AccuTrigger and Savage-patented barrel nut mechanism ensures its sub-moa accuracy. 

Nemo Omen Match 2.0

It is an AR that is chambered. 30 mm win, mag! It is as accurate as any pricey bolt rifle, thanks to custom machining and a top-notch trigger and barrel, making it ideal for long-range swine sniping. You won't frequently need to reload while poking pigs with this gun because it has two magazines that hold 14 rounds. 

Other favorite recommendations from skilled and experienced hunters include the Blaser R8 and the Smith & Wesson 460VXR.

The best hog hunting experience in East Texas

Our Ranch is an esteemed vacation destination for hog hunting in East Texas, presenting a myriad of possibilities throughout the year. The Ranch boasts a flourishing community of untamed hogs, rendering it an exceptional locale for seasoned hunters. We comprehend the exhilaration that accompanies the pursuit and strive to deliver splendid amusement for all our guests. Our well-informed publications and distinguished lodgings will ensure a gratifying and secure expedition. We offer an assortment of hunting packages to cater to every preference, whether you opt for the elegance of a bow or the prowess of a rifle. Come and unite with us at Independence Ranch, nestled in the core of Texas, for an indelible sojourn into the realm of hunting.

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