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Top Ways to Hunt Hogs in Summer Season

Top Ways to Hunt Hogs in Summer Season

People assume that hunting boar or hogs in summers are a foolish idea because summers are not considered a suitable season for hunting. If you are one of those who think like that, then maybe you are wrong. 


Summers can be an excellent time for wild hog hunting because it’s the best time to easily find them. There are many methods for hog hunting that has been introduced now, but many people still prefer traditional hunting methods because they work better than others, especially in summers.


There are several ways to hunt these rapidly growing species. Below we have compiled a list of some of the ways. Let’s have a look:


  • Plan: Hog’s movements are tricky to understand, but once you have patterned their movement, you can easily hunt them. If you think that where will I find wild boar hunting near me, then West Texas is best for you. This place is abundant with these species. When you gather the information that hogs generally use, then you can easily hunt them. You need to do some research before doing any setup. Remain as quiet as possible otherwise;, hogs will attack you.


  • Scouting: Hogs can be easily found in summers. They stay in such areas where their basic needs can be satisfied. They become lazy in summers and also eat less, but they stay around where they get food sources. They drink plenty of water, so water areas are the best to find them in the summer season. If hogs move too far, they leave several signs such as tracks, rooting, hair strands, etc. So it becomes easy for hunters to track them for hunting.  


  • Water Areas are Typical Destination: Water becomes essential for hogs when the weather becomes hot. They not only drink water but also lay there to reduce the heat of their body. They rub themselves in mud to regulate their body temperature. This is the major reason they visit the water sources regularly. So hunters should keep their eye on water areas where hogs come constantly. This will help them to hunt the hogs easily. Hogs can make several trips to the water areas whenever the temperature rises. You have to wait for them patiently.



Bottom Line


Texas is the best place for deer and hog hunting. If you are a hunting lover, then you must try this experience. You will definitely love it, and you also give your contribution to reducing the population of these aggressive species. So what are you waiting for? Pack your packs and make a trip of 4-5 days in Texas to enjoy hog and deer hunting. 


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