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How To Wild Boar Hunting

How To Wild Boar Hunting

Hog hunting is very popular in the Southern Gulf States because the population of feral hogs is growing at an alarming rate. These species are aggressive that breed quickly, and also destroys the native wildlife and crops. The current estimated population of feral hogs in Texas alone is approximately 2.6 million. 


With this increasing rate, 70% of the population needs to be eradicated annually to prevent growth. The growing population of hogs has led to hog hunting regulations in some states. The regulations are different in every state, so you have to follow the rules of that particular state where you want to hunt.


Even if you are an experienced hunter, this wild boar hunting is a dangerous sport. These animals are aggressive, and it’s a very challenging task to hunt them. So if you are a beginner, you have to be a little more alert while hunting them. 


Here are some tips for safe and successful hog hunting:


  • Learn how to track hogs: The most critical task of hunting hogs is the ability to detect and track them. There are several signs you can look for when tracking a hog:


  • Tracks: You should look for tracks that resemble deer tracks, but they should be wider and rounder.
  • Rooting: An uprooted soil is one of the best signs to track a hog’s presence because hogs use their snouts to root through crops for finding food.
  • Wallowing: It is also a great sign to find hog’s presence because hogs dig up land near ponds to wallow in the mud for cooling down themselves.


  • Use calls: As mentioned earlier, feral hogs are very aggressive animals. So to get them out into an open field, using predator calls is an effective way. If you use predator sound in short bursts from a downwind position, hogs will respond quickly, removing themselves from cover. Always remember to maintain a safe distance from these species to stay safe.


  • Night hunting: Hog hunting became a popular method to control the population of this species; hogs have adapted to hunter behavior. This means that the best time to hunt them is at night when they are feeding. Many states allow the hunting of hogs on public or private land and provide artificial lights. Some hunting equipment also contains light to provide illumination so that the hunters easily hunt at night.


Final Words


The tips that are mentioned above are fair enough to understand the essential things to consider before going hunting hogs. However, if you are thinking, where can I find hog hunts near methen you can consider Independence Ranch to improve your experience. 


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