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Tricks and Tactics to Hunt Hogs

Tricks and Tactics to Hunt Hogs

Texas is very popular for hogs or deer hunting. Every year a large number of people visit here and return with bags full of hogs and deer. So, if you love hunting and planning a vacation, then Texas is the best destination. Texas alone has a population of around 2 million wild hogs. The best part is you can hunt them in any season of the year. Every season is the best time to hunt hogs because you are contributing to eliminating this insanely growing species. There are numerous places where you can pay fees to the landowner and enjoy hunting. 


Basics Tricks of South Texas Hog Hunting Ranches


  • Stand Hunting: Always look for wet areas because pigs don’t have sweat glands, so they come near water or cool mud to cool off. The hotter the season is, the easier it will be for you to hunt. They generally rub their bodies on trees, and rocks, so always focus on areas where you see plenty of rubbing. Apart from this, if you notice any signs of a partially eaten rattlesnake, you can consider a hog in that area.


  • Spot and Stalk: Hogs have a great sense of smell and hearing, but their sight is weak. So you can stalk them after spotting them from a distant road. It is a simple and common method. Make sure to maintain a distance so that they won’t attack you.


How to Hunt a Hog?


Hog hunting is not an uphill task, but make sure you follow Texas hog hunting laws. Follow these steps to make a successful hunt:


  • Get an angle: Wait for the pig to quarter away. The angle should not need to be sharp. You can opt for just a step or two beyond broadside. 


  • Focus on the far side: Always aim at the opposite shoulder. If you are behind the hogs, then opt for hitting the far shoulder. Hitting the far shoulder even if your arrow doesn’t pass through means a double-lung shot.


  • Shot low: A pigs’ heart is located in the chest on the lower side. So if you miss that low side, you will get a clean miss. If you miss a little high, you will get lung, and you will get the hog. 


Bottom Line

Texas is becoming popular day by day for hog hunting. If you love hunting and want to experience the best hunting of your life, then you must visit Texas once. You can enjoy your hunting and also controls the increasing population of this species. For further assistance, you can consider Independence Ranch.

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