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Which 9 Food Plot Shapes Can Trick Hogs For Successful Hunting?

Which 9 Food Plot Shapes Can Trick Hogs For Successful Hunting?

All the seasoned hunters know that the pigs are notorious for their keen sense of smell. Why not use this quality to lay the net to track them down with bowhunting? Interesting right? We can set up effective food plots with the help of our professionals and can significantly increase your chances of hunting success.

Creating food plot shapes that strategically manipulate hog behavior can lead them to travel the length of the planted area, giving you the advantage you need. Let's explore some of the best food plot shapes to trick hogs and enhance your hunting wild boar experience. 

Killer Designs That'll Feed Your Pigs And Funnel Them Into Bow Range

Here we will explore several tried-and-tested food plot shapes that have successfully tricked hogs. These shapes are designed to force hogs to travel the length of the planted area, or most of it, to investigate potential food sources and assess the presence of other deer that might be chowing down. 

1.  The U Plot

The U plot is a classic shape that works exceptionally well in luring hogs within bow range. Position the curve of the U towards your tree stand or blind. You encourage hogs to enter the plot and naturally follow the curve. As a result, it will give you a clear shot opportunity. 

2.  The L Plot

Like the U plot, the L plot capitalizes on the hogs' instinct to follow edges and corners. Create an L-shaped food plot, and you can strategically place yourself near the bend, forcing hogs to move in your direction as they investigate the surroundings. It can also be a great try for hog hunting in North Texas. 

3.  The T Plot

The T plot shape is an effective choice for attracting hogs and presenting shot opportunities. By positioning yourself at the top of the T and planting the cross-section with preferred hog food sources, you encourage them to venture down the length of the plot, increasing your chances of a successful shot. 

4.  The K Plot

The K plot shape is particularly useful when hunting hogs in areas with limited cover. Moreover, with a K-shaped food plot, you can utilize the structure to provide multiple shooting lanes. It will give you a better chance to intercept hogs as they investigate the area. 

6.  The V Plot

The V plot shape is an effective funnel for hogs during the Texas wild hogs. Directing their movement towards a specific area where you can set up your stand or blind. But for that, you need to place yourself at the narrow end of the V and increase the likelihood of hogs traveling within bow range as they explore the planted plot. 

7.  The Figure 8 Plot

The Figure 8 plot is a clever design that encourages hogs to move around the entire area in search of food sources. When you place your stand or blind strategically along the crossover point of figure 8, you position yourself to intercept hogs as they investigate both sections of the plot.

 8.  The Turkey Foot Plot

The turkey foot plot shape is highly effective in diverting hogs and controlling their movement. During your hunting wild boar, you can create multiple branches or "toes" with different food sources. You force hogs to explore the entire plot to see what other deer or hogs might be feasting, giving you ample opportunities for a shot. 

9.  The Straight-Line Plot

While not as intricate as some of the other shapes mentioned, the straight-line plot can still effectively trick hogs. By planting a long, narrow strip of preferred food sources, you create a corridor that hogs are likely to follow as they search for food. Position yourself strategically along the plot length to increase your chances of a shot. 

Plan Your Hog Hunting Trip With Experts With This Top-Notch Hunting Idea

When it comes to hunting wild boar, the food plot shape you choose can significantly impact your success. By strategically manipulating hog behavior and creating plots that force them to travel the length of the area, you increase your chances of a successful shot. You can experiment with different shapes to find the one that works best for your hunting location and objectives. Remember to prioritize safety; for that, you can connect with experts like INDEPENDENCE RANCH. We will follow ethical hunting practices and local regulations while setting up your food plots. Happy hunting!

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