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How Healthy Is Venison or Deer Meat- Is it Worth a Hunt?

How Healthy Is Venison or Deer Meat- Is it Worth a Hunt?

Are you one of the individuals who drool over meat and haven't tried venison (deer meat) yet? If that’s the case, it’s crucial to state that you are missing out on something super delicious and lip-smacking. Not only that, the health benefits that are brought to the table by Venision are incredible- taking care of your well-being while keeping the taste buds satisfied has never been easier before.

Mostly used in meatloaves, stews, and chilis, venison is one of the safest red meats that’s worth the hassle. So, if you are planning for a Texas deer hunting trip this year and want to know how beneficial deer meat is, we are here to guide you through thick and thin. Dear readers, keep scrolling through!

●      Venison Is an Amazing Source of Protein

We need to start with this point- venison is the perfect red meat that seamlessly meets your protein needs. It contains essential amino acids such as fatty acid and linoleic acid. Adjusting weight and keeping your body in shape doesn’t have to be a tough task- fulfill your tummy cravings and stay physically fit by incorporating venison into your diet.

●      Venison Is Home to Many Nutrients

Venison contains a lot of important nutrients that are pivotal for your body's metabolism, immunity, and optimal performance. Let’s take a glance at the list of nutrients that venison comes well-equipped with:

  • The Vitamin B content in venison contributes to taking care of your nervous system and energy metabolism. Apart from that, it produces red blood cells.
  • Zinc, another important nutrient, takes part in healing your wounds and keeping your immune system intact.
  • The presence of iron in deer meat transports oxygen and produces red blood cells. Keeping this aside, the iron content also plays an important role in looking after your body's metabolism.
  • Venison is rich in Vitamin E content- it is an essential nutrient that’s crucial for your healthy brain, blood, eyes, and skin.
  • Selenium present in venison supports your thyroid function and overall immune system.

So, when are you planning to visit the South Texas hunting ranches and enjoy a feast with deer meat?

●      Takes Care of Your Muscle Growth

Venison, being a rich source of protein, helps in promoting proper muscle growth. Not only that, it also repairs damaged body tissues and contains L-glutamine which deals with muscle recovery. Are you aware of the fact that protein is no less than a building block for bones, skin, muscles, and cartilage? We think you have more reasons to opt for a South Texas hunting, don't you?

●      Improves Brain Function

Our diet is extremely crucial for our brain health- and venison is undoubtedly one of the best delicacies that will improve your brain functioning as well. As we have already mentioned, deer meat is stuffed with minerals and vitamins- these nutrients are potent enough to boost your fine-tuning ability, memory, cognitive function, etc.

We would also like to mention that Vitamins like B12 boost your learning ability and memory, B6 keeps your mood and mental health on point and B3 keeps conditions like Alzheimer’s at bay. 

●      Fat Content in Venison Is Low

Most people deliberately avoid fat as it’s not a great option for our health. That’s where venison swoops in effortlessly- it contains low subcutaneous and intramuscular fat. While subcutaneous fats are present beneath your skin, intramuscular fats are present in your muscles.

●      Allergen-friendly and Sustainable

Even if you are quite allergic to meat options like chicken, beef, and pork, you can try out venison as it’s an allergen-friendly choice. Thanks to its versatility, you can now choose to cook venison in different ways- be it roasts, steaks, stews, or sausages. Are these mouth-watering food items becoming too hard to resist? Plan your day hunts in Texas already.

●      Keeps Your Immunity Intact

To end with, let’s throw some light on the fact that venison helps in keeping your immunity top-notch and intact. Remember that we had discussed venison containing zinc? Well, this is a useful nutrient responsible for combating inflammation that is caused due to oxidative stress. Keeping that aside, zinc is known for treating various other conditions like diarrhea, malaria, and pneumonia.

Focus On Safe Field Dressing Before Consuming Venison

So, your plan is to hunt a deer and enjoy the meat- and by now, you are aware of the potential health benefits of venison. However, it’s mandatory to remember that improper field dressing can lead to degradation of the quality. Below, we will discuss some of the safe techniques that you can apply while field-dressing the carcass:

  • Make sure to get your hands on sharp, neat, and clean knives
  • While field-dressing the carcass, you can subject your latex gloves, reusable or disposable gloves
  • Wear proper and good-quality eye protection while going through the process
  • Direct contact with animal organs and fluid must be avoided
  • Discard the unused part of the carcass along with your disposable gloves
  • Use disinfectant to keep your reusable gloves and tools neat and clean

By adhering to these few safety standards, you can get your hands on the best and most yummy venison. Certain concerns like not being able to keep the carcass cool, improper bleeding, and lack of concentration in field dressing hamper the meat taste as well- take complete responsibility for yourself.

Hunt with Us and Enjoy the Amazing Benefits of Venison

So, there we have it- the bright side of Texas exotic hunting. For any kind of assistance, information, and other queries, you can get in touch with us at the Independence Ranch. We will make sure to extend the best experience so that you get to enjoy venison dishes that are authentic and healthy. We are looking forward to seeing you soon enough!

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