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How to Field-Dress a Hog After Hunting It?

How to Field-Dress a Hog After Hunting It?

Hog hunting on the grounds of Texas is an incredible sport- professional and beginner hunters adore this game since it comes with a year-round hunting scope. From sharpening your weapon and scouting the land to chasing the hog and taking it down, only a hunter can explain the adrenaline rush and the satisfaction that comes with it.

However, the game of hunting wild hogs in Texas is backed by other important tasks such as field-dressing the hog, bringing it home, and finally feasting on the pork. Depending on the terrain, you can choose to either drag the hog or get your business done on the spot. In this blog, we will explore the field-dressing methods that need to be addressed! Let’s begin.

Essentials that You Can’t Forget While Field Dressing a Hog

Before jumping directly into the methods, let’s take a moment to check out the essentials that are a must in the field-dressing process:

●       Sharp and Good-quality Knives

This is the most important possession that you should keep in your mind while hunting pigs. Since you will have to make several cuts on the hog's body, only a good-quality and sharp skinning knife can serve the purpose. A dull and less functional blade isn’t something that comes in handy- instead, carry more than one knife to avoid a dilemma. You can also rely on a utility knife since they are a cost-effective option.

Let’s be practical and real- cutting a hog’s hide is not something that gets done within the blink of an eye- but you can escalate the process with a functional knife. Carry some replaceable blades and install them in your utility knife whenever required.

●       A Bright Light for Night Hunt

This equipment is more important specifically for those individuals who are planning to hunt and field-dress a hog at night. When you are slicing flesh out of the hog’s body, a lack of light might delay the process. That’s why you should invest in a very bright light- these gadgets don’t cast much shadow.

●       Gloves

Since your hands will be dealing with raw meat, wearing gloves is a must. There’s a disease known as brucellosis- it gets transmitted from animals to human beings. Direct contact with the tissue, blood, or fluid of the hog can lead to major problems that you are not ready to deal with. By wearing gloves, you can keep these unwanted health disorders at bay. Whatever wild game you are getting involved in, your safety should be solely your concern.

Field-dressing Processes

Texas wild hogs should be handled with care- be gentle and subtle on the body. Here, we will delve deeper to explore two different ways of field dressing a hog. You can choose either of them, based on your comfort level and preferences:

●       Gutting the Hog

In this process, you will have to use your knife and cut the hog from the back leg portion toward the throat. Be slow, calm, and composed or else you might cause some harm to their internal organs. After that, you will have to clean the presence of feces by opening the pelvic bones- again, puncturing the urine bag isn’t an option. Pull the guts from the hog’s body and let it cool down for a while.

Some of the advantages of gutting the hog after you are done with hog hunting in East Texas include:

  • You will get access to every part where edible meat is present
  • It is a comparatively quick method that helps you save a lot of time.

As you already know, a hog’s body is hard to deal with- a skinning knife will simply make the process as smooth as a cakewalk.

●       The Gutless Method

Now, let’s talk about the gutless method! In this process, you will have to remove the hide and then take out the meat- that’s it. To execute this process, you can use the knife and run in front and back inside the hog’s legs- remove the hide and you will get easy access to the meat. Let’s go through the benefits of the gutless method:

  • This process saves weight since you will be only packing the meat then and there.
  • While this might be a time-consuming process initially, it’s a good option to save some time in the long run.
  • Here, the need to discard the carcass gets eliminated- you can leave it on the terrain itself.
  • The chances of accidentally harming some internal organs also become zero.

These are the two methods that you need to remember while hunting a wild boar. If you are a beginner, achieving perfection in your first attempt might look like a task. This is an activity that requires skills, and you will have to give enough time to hone your expertise. Once you get a hang of it and master the art, field-dressing a hog will look extremely effortless.

Yes, there’s a lot of hard work involved in the process, but the outcome will always be worth it. Hunting experiences are worth cherishing, and bringing the meat from the field to the table is way too satisfying. Earning the pork is something that one must acknowledge and celebrate- it’s worth the struggle at the end of the day.

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